Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

After a 5 week or so blogger's block, and much prodding from my daughter, I am attempting to get back to the world of blogging with a "Top 2 Things I Can't Live Without' post. Besides the obvious, God, church, family and friends, these are two things that I MUST have.

1. DR. PEPPER! I MUST have one every day...sometimes more than one. I know they aren't great for me but it sure does quench my thirst! I plan my errands so that I will be out and about sometime between 2-4 so that I can go to Sonic Happy Hour! Who would have thought this teetotaler would be planning her day around Happy Hour! I have tried several times to give up this obsession and I was successful for 27 days one time several years ago. I fell off the wagon and slipped back into my old, bad habit of a daily Dr. Pepper. Maybe I should buy stock in the company.

2. Lipstick! I LOVE lipstick! It's the one make-up accessory that I must have every day...EVERY DAY! I attribute this obsession to my mother. She can hardly finish a meal before reaching in her purse for her lipstick. Now, I have become my mother! I do the same thing...even leaving restaurant napkins with my blotted lips laying on my plate. Just showing a little love to the bus boy when he cleans the table. Seriously though, I do love colorful lips...not bright and gawdy, but a little color on the lips really brightens up ones face!