Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Trash to Treasures

I have been staring at these piles of lumber for months now since we are building our new house.  I can imagine all kinds of cute crafts I could be making out of all of that scrap lumber before it becomes the burn pile and goes up in smoke!
There are so many crafty item that can come out of this pile of scraps!
Pallets!  So many pallet ideas to choose from...shelves, tables, headboards and more!
I'm seeing all kinds of crafty projects coming from this one!  This pile looks the most promising to me...boards of all kinds just waiting to have a little paint on them.
After being introduced to Pinterest by my daughter, I have spent many, many hours there poring over crafts and other goodness.
This is just the cutest thing!  I want this to be my first project in the coming days.  It's adorable and looks very easy to make.
Look at this 'wall of words'!  Simple and the wording can be made to fit any family.
One of my favorite Bible verses.  Gotta make this one and have it somewhere to be seen each day as a gentle reminder of WHO is actually in control of my life.
I LOVE this!  The words can be changed out to fit any holiday or theme you might have in your home.  It looks like it's made from and old window so I need to be on the hunt for one!
This is another great verse!  The project looks quick and easy so we'll see!  I'm going to have to greatly improve my painting/handwriting skills to make this look good.
This is so cute too!  I'm sure I can find scraps already cut up in these various sizes which will make the project go even quicker.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowmen and this one is just from 2x4s!  I've got scraps of these all over the place.  Never too early to start on Christmas decorations for next year!
Another fun snowman idea!
I would love to get these made this week but it's doubtful that it will happen! But, there's always next year!
And, finally, this little prayer stack.  I absolutely love it!
I hope I can get busy on making some of these crafts very soon!

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