Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday-Favorite Perfumes

Today's Top 2 Tuesday is favorite perfumes! Here are two of my favorites!

1. Victoria's Secret Very SexyVery Sexy is my favorite perfume!! I wear it almost every day! One of my elders at church always comments that it smells very nice, and I'm so afraid that one day he's going to ask me what kind it is! I don't think I can tell him that it's "Very Sexy"!

2. Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate

Midnight Pomegranate is my favorite B&BW scent right now! I just love the fruity smelly good stuff! So good!

What are your favorite perfumes and scents? Link up at Taylor's blog!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Singles!

Kelly's Show Us Your Life topic this week is Show Us Your Singles! I decided to do a post about my daughter Ashley! Don't worry, I have her permission to do this post!
Ashley is 24 years old, and she lives in the Oklahoma City metro area. She works as a family support specialist for a Christian adoption agency. She is an active member of the Church of Christ-teaches Bible School and helps with other church activities too.

Ashley is a great girl if I do say so myself! She is pretty, smart and a very caring person. She loves kids and will make a great mommy someday.

Me and Ash

Ashley LOVES music!!! I can't say that loud enough! haha She loves going to concerts. This picture is of Ashley and her best friend Jessica (she's married, sorry!) at the Taylor Swift concert last year. She and Jessica have been friends for almost twenty years!

Ashley is a blogger, so you can go over to her blog My Carnival Ride to find out more about her or leave a comment if you know any good single guys! Ashley did a SUYL post about my son Colby, and you can read that post here! Colby is great too!!