Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend Fun!

We had an absolute fun-filled busy weekend last weekend! It started off with Allan and I meeting up with Ashley to go to the Sammy Kershaw concert that Ashley and I won tickets for.
Here we are waiting for it to start.

He really put on a great show!  The only thing is that he didn't sing the one song I wanted to hear-"Don't Go Near The Water". 

Saturday morning, Ashley and I got started on our errands.  After a trip to Wal-Mart and Just a Dollar, we got busy cooking.
We made Paula Deen brownies which have become a must at any sort of gathering that involves food that we attend.  Gotta have them.  We also made THIS deliciousness.
Banana Split Cake!  I had not eaten one of these in years and one of our local restaurants was serving it last week so I just had to make my own.  It looks so pretty and tastes so cool and refreshing! I had to make a section with no bananas since Ashley has developed an allergy to them. 

We gathered up our food and  went out to my folks' house for a cookout and firework show.  Both of my brothers and their kids came and also a new couple from church.  We had a great time!  We had a ton of food.  Allan and my dad grilled burgers, hot dogs and smoked sausage.  I had cooked two racks of ribs.  We had the usual potato salad and baked beans, along with several other summery salads. Of course, there were the DESSERTS!    We all stuffed ourselves but it was worth it!
Me and Ashley
 Me and my nephew
 Me and my other nephew
Me and my niece
Mom and Dad being festive!
 The three little cousins had such a fun time together.
 My brother, Jimmy, and his family
 New friends-Earl and Nancy.  They are new to town and to our church. We all really enjoyed getting to know them better. 
 My sweet sisters-in-law, Stacey and Theresa
 Me and Nancy-I handed her the head boppers and asked if she would wear them for a picture.  She said, "Sure."  I said, "Just cos you're not comfortable enough with me yet to tell me no?" haha  She said, "No, I would tell you no if I didn't want to wear them." haha 
My brother, Doug, and his family. 
Me and Mom
After we cleaned up the kitchen we just visited and played with the little kids.  It finally got dark enough to begin the firework show.  Usually, Colby and Allan are sort of in charge of doing the fireworks and they are very safe.  Wellllllllllllllll, this year, Colby didn't get to come and my brothers took over the shooting of the pyrotechnics. It didn't start out very safe at all.  The fireworks began to fall over after the first shot was fired and the rest of the shots were attacking the crowd watching!  SEVERAL times we had to run for cover to keep from getting hit by stray balls of colored fire!  My new friend, Nancy, was hit (or so we thought) right in the stomach by a pretty colored ball of fire!  Welcome to our family fireworks, Nancy!!  I'm just so glad no one was hurt, no houses were burned down and no pasture fires occurred.  It was a great firework show but next year, some safety precautions need to be applied!

Sunday was the usual church and lunch at Molina's.  After church Sunday night, we went to Braum's with the church group and had a fun time visiting and joking around.
Monday, Allan went out early to the land to work a while.  Ashley and I took lunch and went to have a picnic with him.
 Ashley sitting in the doorway of the house.
Ashley 'pretending' to be a country girl.  I don't think she will ever consider herself a country girl!
Ashley left to go back to OKC mid-afternoon. 

We had such a great time this weekend.  I only wish that Colby had been there also.  We all really missed him.
I hope everyone else had a safe and happy 4th also!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun!

Yea for Friday!  We have a busy weekend planned but it's going to be fun!  I had planned to go to Paris to get the much needed, overdue oil change for my vehicle.  I'm having some kind of weird back pain that is causing me alot of grief today, so I'm skipping the oil change for now.  
I'm excited that Ashley is coming home this weekend!
Earlier in the week, Ashley and I both entered a Twitter contest for concert tickets to see Sammy Kershaw. 
We both won within a matter of minutes of each other! So, we are all meeting to go to the concert together.  I'm pretty sure that Allan and I will enjoy this concert much more than the last one that I won tickets for.  This one will be much more our speed...hopefully!

 Tomorrow, both of my brothers and their families are planning on coming to my folks house to have a July 2nd cookout and shoot fireworks. 
This should be fun except that we will be missing Colby since he isn't able to come back this weekend.  Our county is one of the few in Oklahoma that is not under a burn I hope we do get to have our little firework display.  Last year, we had a torrential downpour that snuck up on us before we could even react.
We were absolutely drenched and we all got so tickled as you can see!

I hope everyone has a fun Friday and a great holiday weekend!