Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teen Celebrity Crushes

Like most teenage girls, I was 'in love' with celebrities back during my pre-teen and teen years.  I could hardly wait for each issue of Tiger Beat to come out to see which of my heartthrobs were on the cover.

There was Greg Brady/aka Barry Williams. 
What girl didn't love him?  I am the oldest child in my family, with two younger brothers.  I ALWAYS wished that somehow I would get an older brother like Greg.  He just seemed so perfect!
I just knew that one day if I was ever in an accident that this handsome rescuer would be there to save me.
Johnny Gage/aka Randolph Mantooth, from the tv show "Emergency" was so good looking and always there to save the day when some tragic accident occurred.  I'm thankful that I never really needed him, but I just knew he WOULD be there if necessary.
Leif Garrett  was another crush of mine.
I had posters of him on my walls and some of his albums.  I think his hair was coveted by all the young girls.  Maybe even Farrah Fawcett got her sense of style from him.  Poor Leif has not been so lucky in his adult life with all of the run-ins with the law and such.
What happened to those golden locks of hair and that fresh faced appearance?  So sad.
These next two guys were my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES of all time!
David Cassidy was so gorgeous!
I was a faithful watcher of The Partridge Family and I have all of their albums along with all of his solo albums.  I had posters on my wall that I said goodnight to each night.  I felt like "I Think I Love You" was being sung to me every time I heard it.
Sadly, David has had some encounters with law enforcement also.
His mug  shot is not quite as scary as Leif's.  He is probably kind of smiling thinking it's the paparazzi taking his picture instead of a law enforcement official.  Anyway, I did love him years ago!
Donny was my main guy!  I was going to marry him I thought.  I just loved everything about him...his music, his face, his hair, his smile and his purple socks.  I even went through a stage of wearing purple socks all of the time. I knew all the words to every song and never, never tired of listening to them.
When he and Marie had their variety show for a couple of years, I was a faithful watcher of it.  There was no such thing of vcrs and recording like that, so I had my little audio tape recorder and would sit close to the tv and record each of their shows and replay them over and over and over!  I was such a great fan! I was fortunate to get to go to an Osmond concert when I was in high school!  I loved every minute of it and still can't believe I actually saw them live!

I was THRILLED when Donny decided to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars!
I rarely vote on these reality tv shows but I HAD to support Donny!  He really took the competition so seriously and gave it his best.
And then he and Kym won!  I was so happy for them! 
Through the years Donny has been one of the few that grew up being a child entertainer that has really not had any bad publicity about him.  He has a wonderful wife and kids and it seems that family is still first and most important in his life.  I will be a fan forever!

Then there is this guy...
"Whatcha talking 'bout Willis?" haha  He was not a crush at all, but he was really cute back then!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hide 'n Seek

Today my post is totally about one of our cats, Oreo.
Oreo is a beautiful cat with a funny personality.  He loves to hide! 
As he is playing with his toys, he will have his head hidden to make the game more challenging.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES to hide in paper.  It's his absolute favorite thing.  I save all paper packing that comes in packages and I put it out lots of morning as I leave for work so that he has something fun to do while I'm gone. 
He will just tunnel through the paper and then pounce and pounce in it.  He loves the crackly sound it makes also.
I never knew that this paper could provide hours of  cheap entertainment for him.  Sometimes the other cat, Hershey, will also play but he is usually content to just watch as Oreo romps and crunches the paper.
Oreo also loves boxes!  If one is left on the ground, it will only be a few minutes before he is in it.
He seriously thinks I can't see him!
The past few weeks he has started hiding under the blankets on my bed also.  I can hardly get the bed made because he is jumping and pouncing as the sheets and blankets flutter.
He will lay there so still.  If I say, "Where's that cat?" he will not move at all! He just continues to lay there as if he is completely invisible.
Cats have such funny and unique personalities that completely intrigue me.  We just laugh all the time at their antics and they are such a great source of entertainment!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Weekend

I'm just now getting around to posting about our weekend.  We were so excited for Ashley to come home but also wished that Colby had come with her.
She mainly came home for her best friend's baby shower that she was co-hosting.  Friday evening after supper we started getting things ready for the shower.  We stayed up until after midnight making these life changing oreo truffles.
Jessica had specifically asked for these for her baby shower, so we made them.  They are the easiest, best things you will ever make!
After staying up wayyyyyyyyyy too late as we usually do, we got in a quick nap before it was time to get up Saturday morning to go decorate for Baby P's shower!  We are so excited that Jessica is FINALLY getting a girl!
The hostesses decorated the church with all this cute pink stuff!  It looked so nice and Jessica loved it.
This is one of the table decorations Ashley made and Jessica will also use it in the baby's room.
I'm Jessica's other Momma!  Look at all those cute clothes hanging up behind us!  She got so many cute things for Baby P.
Eating oreo truffles!
I'm glad we did this pose instead of her smashing it in my face!
I had no idea you could buy baby wipes in this quantity!  Wow!
After we cleaned up the church, Ashley and I went home and crashed.  We were supposed to go to see "The Help" with mom  but we were both too tired and Ashley had a headache.  So...we napped.
Sunday was church and Ashley helped me in my Bible Class.  I know I say this all the time, but these kiddos are just precious and so eager to learn about Jesus.
We went to Molina's for lunch and then took another nap before Ashley left.  It began to rain and storm shortly after she left so she didn't have an easy trip back, but she did make it safely.
After night church, as we were leaving to go to Braum's, there was this gorgeous site!

I have NEVER seen a full double rainbow before!  It was so pretty!  My pictures don't do justice to how it really looked.  It looked like it stretched from one end of town to the other. Such a beautiful ending to a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

 We had rain!!  Not much but every little bit is more than none at all.  Hopefully there will be more in the coming days.

I'm really excited for the weekend!  Ashley is coming home and we have a pretty busy schedule planned. Colby is not coming with her so I am only half-happy for the weekend.
Ashley is co-hosting a baby shower for her best friend on Saturday, so we are going to do some of the decorating tomorrow evening.
Jessica is having a GIRL...finally after having two boys!    Showers are always so much fun!  Showers that my church hosts are the greatest.  These ladies know how to throw a shower!  It's a grand social event for them...especially the little elderly ladies.  We have had it said from ladies in the community, that the Church of Christ ladies put on the best showers in town.  One lady said that if she wasn't a member of this certain denomination, that she'd come to our church for sure...just because of the fun showers! haha
After the shower on Saturday morning, we hope to FINALLY get to go to the movie to see "The Help".  Mom and I have been trying to go for about 3 weeks now and something always comes up.  Ashley is wanting to see it too so hopefully we'll get to.
I also want to read the book.  Ashley just finished it, so she will bring it for me and mom to read.
This weekend is also our county fair! 
 We live a few blocks from where it's held so we usually walk up there a few times to see the displays and different events going on.  Allan's TKD usually does a demo on Saturday afternoon, but we aren't sure if they will this year or not.
I always enjoy visiting with friends that are milling around as I am or manning their own booths.  People watching is always fun too!
There will lots of 'these' at the fair!
I hope everyone finds something fun and relaxing to do this weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty busy weekend with reunions, visits from family, TKD, and church.
Friday night I actually made a home-cooked meal!  It was the first real meal in a while.  We had meat loaf, mashed potatoes (which Allan said were the best I've ever made!), and green beans.  It was delish if I say so myself. 
Saturday morning, we got up and went separate ways for most of the day.  Allan went out to work on the new house until time for his Black Belt class. 
I went with my parents, aunt, and cousin to a little country school reunion.  My mom grew up going to a one room school house called Mound Grove School. 
This little school went through the 8th grade I believe.  Mom has told numerous stories though the years of all the things she learned in this little school.  She was in a quartet with 3 other girls that went to school there too and they sang at many events throughout the community.
Mom is the girl on the far right.
Every year they have a reunion so I decided to go this time for the first time.  I knew a few people there that I have known just about my whole life that go to the little country church that mom grew up attending
Me with my mom and dad.
There were lots of food and lots of reminiscing going on since some of these folks only see each other this one time a year. After the meal, they have an auction to raise money to help fund the next year's reunion.  My dad and I decided to leave when the auction began, but Mom stayed along with my Aunt Betty and cousin William.
Jimmy & Irma are the most precious people you will ever meet.  Jimmy is named after my grandfather and always says what a great man he was named after.  I have to agree!
Mom with my Aunt Betty and cousin William.  It was so nice of him to bring Betty up for the day to visit with old friends and family.
Mom and Bootsie, another precious lady!  She used to sing in a quartet with my Daddy Jim and she also attends the little Slim Church of Christ.
Mom and Betty with cousins that I had never met before...along with the lady in white that just wanted to be in the picture.  We were trying to take just a cousin picture, but she insisted on being it it we let her!
It was a fun time and I will probably go back again sometime.
After coming back home, we went out to the new house after Allan was finished with TKD.
We had visitors!
Mom brought Betty and William out to see the house.  It was fun to show them around.  After they left, a couple from church came to visit also.  After all the company left, Allan got to work installing more of the electrical boxes and I just sat and watched. 
We left there and went to Los Compadres to eat supper.  We had not been there in a long time and our friend Manuel was really happy to see us.  He spoiled us as usual...with strawberry sopapillas!  Yummers!!
Sunday was church and I had all three of my kids there!  They really are 'precious in HIS sight'!  They were glad to see me since I had been out of town the week before.
Little L on the right had told her momma all week that "Miss Cheryl is crying cos she didn't get to see me".  They are just too cute and love them so much!
After church, we went to Molina's for a great lunch and then it was NAP TIME!!!  I love, love, love my Sunday afternoon naps!

We went to evening worship and then to Braum's with the gang!  
I hope everyone had a good weekend also!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Years ago, after seeing Jay Leno's funny headlines, I began looking for funny headlines of my own.  They really are everywhere if you just look.  Over the years, I've collected quite a lot of really funny ones.  I keep saying I should send them in to Jay but so far, I haven't done it.

Here are a few that have been in our local paper lately.  The stories accompanying them are just as funny as the headline itself.
Even burglars get hungry!  In this story, the homeowner returns home and finds  things out of place.  Missing were a gun, 19 rolls of toilet paper (how in the world did she know she had that exact amount in the closet), a bottle of shampoo, a bag of chips and 2 jars of Pace cheese dip!  Crazy!
This particular night kept the police hopping with a lot of activity!  Upon arriving at this particular house, they found a man and woman obviously drunk and fighting.  The man tried to tell them he had things under control, but upon further investigating, they discovered that a portion of the man's thumb was bitten off.  The woman had allegedly done this.  The woman had a small injury above one of her eyes.  Both were taken into custody.
This makes me laugh every time I look at it!  Upon arrival at this location, police found a woman, obviously under the influence of some sort of substance, sitting on the ground near the lawn chairs.  It had been reported by neighbors that she was 'fighting' with the lawn furniture.  The woman admitted to 'having a bunch to drink'.  She was unable to stand or walk and was taken into custody.  I wonder who won the fight-the woman or the lawn chair?
This one just kills me!!  First off, I have never had the urge to bite anyone, at least not since maturing past the baby/toddler stage, and second, I don't think if I did see the need to bite anyone, that the nose is the body part I would choose.
In this story, the police heard a disturbance in one of the jail cells.  Upon arriving, they discovered an inmate that claimed that his cellmate had bitten off his nose, but would not tell anything else that led up to the actual biting.  Reports indicate the officer on duty found the missing piece of the inmates right nostril. ( haha Everything about this is just hysterical!!)  The officer put the nostril on ice and transported it to the local hospital along with the injured prisoner. 
And last but not least, there is this one.  Upon arrival at this location, the reporting party said that their neighbors, both in wheelchairs, were throwing rocks at the house.  They were also banging on the door, but by the time the police arrived, they had gone back into their own house.  Apparently these two have been a source of trouble in the past because the officers were aware of previous incidents involving them.  The officers then went to the house and detected a strong odor of alcohol and both were transported to the local jail.

I love my little country town and the local paper never ceases to provide some much needed entertainment!