Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday and here are a few things I'm loving this week.

I'm LOVING that it's Colby's birthday this weekend!  It's hard to believe that he will be 23!  It seems like he should still be a little boy.  I'm so proud of the young man he has become though. 

I'm LOVING  that two of my friends were blessed with new grandsons yesterday!  There is nothing like a new baby to love.

I'm LOVING  that Oreo and Abby have become such good friends!  I didn't know how bringing a third cat into the mix would affect things.  Oreo and Abby play and get along really well.  Hershey, however, is still not happy that Abby is here.

I'm LOVING that this weekend is our town's Homecoming/Rodeo!  I love how small towns such as ours go all out in Homecoming Celebrations each year. It's always such a fun time and I will be posting more about this later.

I'm LOVING  that in our town, since three circuses have their headquarters here, you can always drive down the road and see an elephant!  I never get tired of driving by to see her just hanging out, swinging her trunk.

I'm LOVING that I finally found this picture of my niece that I'd been looking for!  I can not look at this without dying laughing!  The position and expression of her cat is just priceless and she is totally oblivious as to how much 'Friend' dislikes this!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend!  Late last week Mom & I went to a little country cemetery to put flowers on family graves.
I was going to do a post about members of our family that served in our military but I waited too late to gather up info and pictures from others.  Maybe by Veterans Day I will have that together.

Saturday morning we got up early to go work on the new house.
Allan worked on wiring and I weedeated for a while and then came in to sand logs.  It seems it's a never ending job!  We quit working soon after lunch because we had a wedding to go to.

I had SO been looking forward to this wedding!  I had heard about the decorations they were planning and had seen a few things, but I was so ready to see it all put together.  It was beautiful!
They made the backdrop out of screen doors that they painted and distressed.  I LOVED it!  The reception was held at the bride's parents home so we all went there after the ceremony and picture taking.
The bride's grandparents own an old Model-T and it was the backdrop for the reception pictures.
It was such a neat idea.  Lots of people took the opportunity to do family pictures in front of it. We had a very nice time and it was just the perfect day for a wedding!
The bride and groom were driven off, riding in the jump seat, by her grandparents!  They drove them down the hill to where the real get-away car was waiting.  I absolutely loved this idea!

Sunday was our usual church, lunch, nap, church again, and Braum's!
  It was a great day!

Monday, we got up early...AGAIN... to get to work on the house.  Our weather is getting so hot and we didn't know how long we could last in it.  We both weedeated  and then got to work on the inside.  I sanded, sanded, and then sanded some more!  Allan is ALMOST finished with the wiring now.  That has been a long, slow process for him.  We came in for lunch and ate at Simple Simon's Pizza.  Then, back to the house we went.  We took a little longer break and rode the 4-wheeler a while and took pics of wildflowers.
These are just gorgeous!  Even though, these make me sneeze, I still love them!

When I had been 4-wheeling by myself I saw this bird that was acting very strangely, running beside me and in front of me.  When Allan went riding with me, it was still there in the area and he told me it was a killdeer, which I had never heard of.
It began running around in front of us again.  Allan said that it was fixing to play like it was hurt and sure enough, it did!
It walked as if it had a broken wing!  Allan said it was to lure predators towards her and away from her nest, which he said would be nearby.  We looked and soon found it also. 
What a smart bird!  Of course, any mother will do whatever it takes to protect her young!

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I'm a bit late getting to my Thursday Thoughts post today but here I go!

I LOVE to laugh!
I do think this is one of the most important qualities I look for in a person. I"m fortunate to have alot of people in my life that do add fun and laughter when we're together.  Other times, I can just remember a funny incident and bust out laughing all over again.  Laughter is the best medicine!

So what's wrong with ordering a Happy Meal when you have no little kids at home?
AND...the reason I decide to order a Happy Meal is BECAUSE it has a cool toy!  I may or may not pass the toy along to someone but don't glare at me for ordering it!

I love my small Oklahoma town!
Small towns are just different than cities, in more ways than one.  I have seen letters to the editor in our local newspaper from out-of-towners that were here for a family funeral.  They were so impressed that even little boys playing out in the yard would stop and take off their ball caps and just watch as the funeral procession came by.  This just puts a lump in my throat!  I don't know how many jars of lightning bugs I've caught over the years!  Mom would let us keep them in our room at night and of course by morning they had always died.  I never got hit with 'something big' but respect was expected to be shown to all adults and authority figures.  It sure isn't that way nowadays!

I hate spiders!
That is the sickest feeling to walk outside in the dark and feel that sticky web in your face and on your arms.  It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.  Then, the worst part is that you're not sure if the spider is actually on you...hiding in your hair!  All kinds of weird dance moves happen when you find yourself in this position!

I love Sonic Dr. Pepper!

The smartest thing Sonic has done is offer Happy Hour!  I plan my errands around 2:00 so that I can just happen to be in the vicinity of Sonic at the right time! Hey, it's all about saving money!  

And finally...
It doesn't matter how old you get, sometimes, well lots of times, you just need to talk to your momma!  My mom and I have a really close relationship that goes beyond mother and daughter.  We have a great friendship too!  I value her advice even though I don't always take it...I do always listen to it!  So...get off the computer and call your mom!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi!  It's time to share some of the things I'm loving this week!

I'm LOVING  that our church honored our graduating seniors with a luncheon on Sunday. They were also presented with a new Bible! We had 3 graduates but one of them was unable to be there Sunday because of a work conflict.

I'm LOVING  that Allan's Taekwon Do kids did great in their tournament over the weekend!  One of the girls won  a gold medal in sparring and it was her FIRST tournament!  The boy placed in several events also.  Great job everyone!
I'm LOVING that Oklahoma City Thunder won their series against the Lakers on Monday night!  The last two series, against the Mavs and Lakers, have been great! I'm looking forward to the next series against the Spurs.
I'm LOVING all the funny photos and cartoons circulating around about the Thunder/Lakers rivalry!
 I'm LOVING the "Dancing With The Stars" finale last night!  I think it was one of the best ever!  All three top finalists were so deserving to win, but I was REALLY pulling for Katherine Jenkins.  I love her! Congratulations to Donald Driver and his partner, Peta!
I'm LOVING these two girls from church!  Carol is my cosmotological genius as she likes to refer to herself.  She has been doing my hair forever and I always take her advice!  Little B is her granddaughter and is in my Bible class and I love her so much too!
I'm LOVING that we're having a wedding in our church this weekend!  The bride has been working so hard on making alot of her own decorations and I just can't wait to see it all put together.  This couple met at our church when one Sunday, the groom just stopped in to worship as he was passing through town.  He happened to sit in front of her and they met after services and fell in love!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day and More

I'm finally back to the blog world hopefully.  After two weeks of almost daily headaches/migraines, I'm taking advantage of being headache free today and catching up with my blogging.

Allan's parents came down for a week or so to camp at a nearby lake a few weeks ago.  I didn't get to spend much time with them because of the daily headache.  One evening they brought friends that were camping with them to see our new house.
We are always happy to have visitors come see our house project.  We then went to eat together and I took the friends to see our local cemetery while Allan's folks ran to Wal-Mart to get camping supplies.  Yes, I said, I took them to our cemetery!  Our cemetery is really a tourist attraction and I'll be blogging about that in the near future.  Anyway, we enjoyed our visit with them.

Colby came home for Mother's Day weekend and it was so good to have him home.  With Ashley's new job, she wasn't able to come this time.   We spent the day,Saturday, at our church lectureship/youth rally and it was really a great day!
After church, we went out to eat with my parents, brothers and their families for my dad's birthday.  We went out to their house after supper for presents.
 It's always fun for all the grandkids to get together. Again, we really missed Ashley not being here too.
Mom & Dad with me and my brothers
4 year old C is one of the funniest kids!  He was pulling toys out of his backpack and out comes this PLUNGER!  Oh my, it was so funny! I guess it's best to always be prepared.  You never know where you might be when a plunger will come in handy!

Sunday, Colby helped me in my Bible Class.  They were WILD for some reason.  Maybe they were showing out for Colby because they are usually so well behaved.

We made handprint bouquets for their moms and grandmoms.  We ran out of time before we got the bows put on but they're pretty cute anyway!

Allan's parents came for church and lunch also.  We went to our usual Molina's!
Mom and I both got Vintage Pearl necklaces for Mother's Day and I also got a Vintage Pearl bracelet!  We love them!
Colby, Mom, & I

Colby, Allan, & Allan's mom, Pam 

It was great for Allan and I to celebrate Mother's Day with both of our mothers.  They are such special people and I thank God for them both!
Also, while we were at Molina's, our owner friend, Stevie,  had made special Mother's Day surprises for me and mom.  Stevie wasn't there that day but sent the 'surprise' with other family members.  They sent Stevie's 3 year old son in with our gift.  I opened it up and this is what I found.
The kids so graciously left us ONE chocolate covered strawberry!  I really think we must have gotten to the restaurant BEFORE they actually had time to finish this one off!  Oh my, we laughed so hard!!  We didn't let any of the family know what the kids had done.  I just couldn't do it! haha  I know Stevie was so proud of her efforts to make our Mother's Day special and it really is the thought that counts anyway. 

After church and lunch, it was time for Colby to leave.  I always hate to see my kids go:(

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Migraines Are Evil

I've been a bad blogger this week because
I'm on day 3 of this terrible headache pain and it is no fun.
This is exactly how it feels except there is no smile on my face as there is on Barbie's.  I hope it will be gone soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Friday, Friday!

Yay!  It's Friday! 
Yesterday, I went to the beauty shop and got my hair done by my sweet cosmotological genius, as she likes to call herself!  I think the title fits!
Carol has been cutting, coloring, perming and styling my hair for, well, years.  I'm not going to say how many because that would date both of us!  Anyway, she is amazing and I'm always happy when I leave there. 

Last night, Allan got home in time for us to grab a quick supper at Molina's before he had to go to Taekwon Do.  We usually go there on Sundays and Wednesdays, but didn't make it there either of those days this week, so we were STARVING for Mexican food.
These two Molina kids just crack me up!  Apparently this is the proper way to wear your sunglasses.  They are just too cute and always want me to take their picture when we're there...always.

I finally made a Wal-Mart trip and picked up Carrie's new cd!  It's great.  A couple of songs are real tear-jerkers though!

Hopefully, this weekend we'll get back to working on this project!
Since Allan has been working lots of long hours, our house building has been put on hold for the last 4 weeks or so.  Tomorrow that will change!
There is still lots to be done!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!