Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Who doesn't just love a parade?  Parades are a big deal in our little small town. Practically everyone turns out to watch the home-made floats, watch for friends riding in the parade, and waiting to gather up the candy being thrown from each entry!  Last Saturday, we had our annual Christmas parade!
I always watch the parade from our church steps and usually several church families come to watch from there also.  We always have a great time!
The kids are just so excited waiting for the parade to start...listening for that first police siren that means 'THE PARADE IS STARTING"!  The kids announce it to the rest of us as if we MIGHT not have heard that loud ear-piercing siren.  They're so excited and I just might be a bit excited myself!
The Choctaw Nation Color Guard leads the parade.  Then all the floats from the different businesses and organizations in town are next.

Next, are individual entries-cute kids, colorful town characters, and anyone else that just wants to be in a parade!

Of course, there is always the high school band!
Rodeo Royalty!
Lots of horses!

AND...the main attraction and my favorite part!  Here he comes!!
Our town is known as "Circus City USA" since 3 circus' have their winter quarters here.  Santa always rides in the parade on an elephant!  I absolutely love it! 
 Where else can you see this each year?? Nowhere!  People come from all over  just to see Santa on the elephant.  What else would you expect from a circus town?
This NEVER gets old for me to see!  Love, Love, Love it!