Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Several weeks have gone by so I'm behind on my posting.  We have had a lot of stuff going on it seems.
The kids have both made several trips home lately...WHICH I LOVE!! I can never get enough of these two!

The first weekend they were here, Colby went to the deer lease with my brothers to check things out there and get set up for deer hunting.  Ashley and I had a concert to go to....KELLIE PICKLER!

Here we are at the concert venue waiting for it to start.  We were having fun before it ever began....lots of interesting people"observe".

The Jane Dear Girls were the opening act.  They were pretty cute and did a good show.

Finally it was Kellie's turn!  She is just the cutest little thing!  And I mean LITTLE.  We have been a fan of hers since her American Idol days.  She is really funny and interacted a lot with the crowd.

I just knew I would have to leave the auditorium while she sang "I Wonder" but I made it through it.  This song is the one where she's wondering what her mother, who abandoned her as a child, thinks about her now and if she's proud of her.  TEAR JERKER for sure.  We had a great time and I'm so glad Ashley likes for me to be her concert buddy!

Colby left to go back on Sunday but Ashley was staying for the week for the birth of Sweet P.

We were all so excited for this baby to get here! 

I got some baby loving that evening and she is just a little doll!
Colby came back home the next weekend also.  He and Allan were going to the WORLD SERIES!!  
They were so excited and I was so excited for them!  I'm so glad they both got to share this experience with each other.

While the guys were at the World Series, Ashley and I were at our church Halloween party.  OH MY GOODNESS...what fun we had!  I'll have another post strictly about the party later.  We are a big 'fan', if you want to call it that, of "Toddlers & Tiaras" on TLC so that is who we dressed as.  I was the crazy pageant mom and Ashley was Miss Circus City Ultimate Grand Supreme...toooooo funny!

Ashley is coming home again this weekend because we have a date with...........

We are so excited!  I know we will have a great time!
We are also celebrating my mom's birthday this weekend!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

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