Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Ramblings...

I hope everyone has had a good Monday, as good as a Monday can be anyway.  Today I'm just going to ramble along.
A few Saturdays ago, Allan stained all of the outside window trim on the new house.  It looks really good!  He finally finished the wiring and got the OK from the electrician.  He is so glad to be done with that!  The septic tank people are there today putting in that system so maybe soon I'll have indoor potty privileges! 
We went to Jason & Lee Ann's house a while back for supper.  She made carnitas and sopaipilla cheesecake.   It was all so good and we had a great time just visiting.  I should have taken pictures before the guys went to check on a baby calf that wasn't doing too well.  I don't even want to know what all that is on Jason's shirt.
These strawberry sopaipillas are so yummy!  Our best waiter and friend, Manuel, treats us to these a lot of times when we eat at Los Compadres. 
A friend from high school, Terri and her husband, Lew, came to see the house several weeks ago.  It was great visiting with them and of course, I love for people to come see the dream home we're building.
We continued our birthday celebration with another meal out with the church group. It was mainly for Susie's birthday, but since it was still our birthday week too, we had to keep the celebrating going!  We love Roma's in Durant and now they have one in Paris, which is closer for us. 
We had some really bad storms last week!  There was a lot of damage all over town, with downed trees and roof damage, even two house fires caused by lightning strikes.  We lost several big trees on our property and a lot of limbs were blown down.  This one huge tree fell over on one of the trees in our front yard.  We're afraid we might not can save it, but we're not going to cut it down yet to give it time to hopefully recover.  Allan spent a good part of Saturday morning cutting this one down.
Here's mom working hard...again!  She brought out her big trimmer and really did a bunch of clean up around trees and up close in the yard.  Right as she was loading her stuff up to go home, she took a tumble and scared us all!  She said she wasn't hurt, so we began to laugh!  I'm terrible about laughing at falling people!!  Even when it's my own mother!!  BUT...she was laughing too so that made it OK!  I'm so glad she wasn't hurt though.
I tried a new recipe this weekend that my sister-in-law, Stacey, made several months back.  It's venison steaks stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos,  folded over and wrapped with bacon and then grilled.  Oh my!!  They are so good.  I made Paula Deen's black-eyed pea cakes to go along with the venison.  It was a great meal and yes, we ate off of my snowman 100 degree weather.  Is there anything wrong with that??
My brother, Jimmy, and his family came down for a while on Saturday afternoon.  "C" had his 5th birthday the week before, so he came to collect presents!  He opened up our card, shook it upside down, and said, "No money"!  That cracked us all up!  We had a good visit with them and then we all went to eat Mexican food.
Jimmy brought us a thundershirt to try to ease Sandy's anxiety about rain, storms, and everything else that falls from the sky.  She was mortified when Allan put it on her.  She kept looking at my nephew with a 'can't you help me out of this' kind of look!  We got to put it to the test last night when a quick thunderstorm came up.  It didn't seem to calm her very much as she kept on with her panting and pacing until I finally put her in the crate for the rest of the storm.  The directions say it may take several uses for dogs to finally let it calm them.  We shall see!

I hope y'all have all had a great Monday and also have a wonderful week!

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