Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Five!

Beth says this week's Friday Five is five favorite restaurants. This should be relatively easy for me since we eat out WAY too much, although it may be hard to narrow it down to five! I live in a small town so our choices of places to eat are very limited. We do have a few hometown businesses that are great to go to when I don't want to dirty up my own kitchen. Also, the nearby town of Paris, TX has great restaurants that we go to alot.

Angie's Circus City Diner is named after our town, which is home to several circuses. Hugo has been called "Circus City USA", due to it being the winter quarters for several circuses. The decor is circus themed throughout and really interesting for a first time visitor. Angie's has the best burgers in town! Another favorite dish of mine is their omelets! They are the absolute best! We know the staff there very well and they usually know what we want to order. We get great service there!

Another local place is Molina's Mexican Grill. I need to go snap a picture of it because I couldn't find one online. Molina's is our Sunday after church place to eat. EVERYTHING on the menu is great! My two favorites are chicken fajita quesadillas and Hortencia, which is a flour tortilla filled with fajita meat and cheese, then deep fried and covered in queso. MMM MMM good! Amanda is our favorite waitress there. She knows exactly what we're gonna get. She most of the times has our drinks waiting on the table for us before we even get out of church! She is the best!

TaMolly's in Paris, TX is another favorite Mexican place. They have some of the best food around. #11 chicken on the lunch menu is my FAVORITE-chicken quesadillas. They have the best chips and salsa too! For dessert, their strawberry crispitos are so yummy!

Who can resist Olive Garden for Italian cuisine? I can't! I love their slogan-When you're here, you're family! We don't have an Olive Garden in the area so this is a real treat when we go visit our kids in Oklahoma City. I have so many favorites here-the fettuccine alfredo is the best I've ever had. Of course, the endless salad and breadsticks are a meal in themselves. So, so good! The lasagna is almost as good as my own homemade one! For dessert, the chocolate lasagna is to die for!! If you've never tried it, you must!

And of course there's Sonic-America's Drive-In! I love Sonic for several reasons. The daily Happy Hour is one reason. That's the best idea around! I LOVE their new $1 menu too. The jr. frito chili cheese wrap is the best thing next to sliced bread! The portion is just right, although I have been known to wolf down the larger one before they came up with the smaller one. Anyway, the size is right and so is the price...can't beat it!

I hope if you're in the area and haven't been to these restaurants that you will stop in and give them a try sometime! Enjoy!


  1. Good picks Momma! Our's are almost the same! I meant to have you go take a picture of the Molina's sign so I could use it!

  2. Looove Mexican, Olive Garden, and a fruit slush from Sonic! Good picks :)

  3. Love me some Olive Garden and Sonic!!Who doesnt love the Mexican??? I love your list! Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!!

  4. This list makes me want to eat out!