Monday, June 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Here I go again...trying to get myself back to blogging! This week's Top 2 Tuesday is reality show you would like to be on. I like so many but narrowed it down to these two.

1. Dancing with the Stars

I am a huge fan of this show! I have never danced in my life and would LOVE to learn how to dance from these fantastic professional dancers. I would prefer Maks, but Derek will work too! I could definitely see myself with that mirrorball trophy!

2. 19 Kids and Counting
I love watching the Duggars! I love the morals and values that they stand for, and I admire them for being so vocal about their beliefs. I want my son to marry one of those girls!
While on a trip to Texas, the Duggars came through our town! Jessica called and told me they were eating at a restaurant in town, so I hurried over and got to meet them! They seemed just like normal people and not like celebrities!

I had a lot of fun with them, and I definitely think we could be friends!
What shows would you like to be on? Link up at Taylor's blog!


  1. I love the Duggars! They're a great example for all of us and I love watching them and all their great kids!

  2. Stopping by from top 2 tuesday! Just love your blog! And your choices :)