Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five! 5 things that are always in the fridge

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I decided I would do this week's Friday Five since I just stocked up on groceries yesterday. There are quite a few things that are usually in the fridge, but these five are ALWAYS in the fridge!

1. Dr. Pepper! My weakness for sure! But, seriously, I AM going to quit drinking them soon. Seriously, I am. I am going to be more serious that I have been the other 532 times that I've tried to quit. Seriously!

2. Yoplait Yogurt! Very yummy! I have a carton of this nearly every night as a snack-so many tasty flavors to choose from. Can you believe there is chocolate yogurt? If you haven't tried it, then try it! You'll be hooked.

3. 2% Milk-usually either Borden's or Braum's. We made the switch from whole milk to 2% many years ago and it's not bad at all. I don't know that I can go to 1% or skim just quite yet. That might be a little TOO healthy!

4. Ranch Dressing! We should buy stock in this company because I'm positive we have gone through many, many gallons of this over the years. My family puts it on almost anything and everything.

5. Cheese! Another MUST HAVE on a daily basis. Shredded cheese, sliced cheese, cheese sauce, block cheese-I'm not picky-gotta have them all!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what's in my fridge so let's see what's in YOURS!
Happy Friday and have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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