Monday, October 25, 2010

Another GREAT Weekend!

 Wednesday evening as we were getting ready to leave for supper before going to church, this guy shows up and surprises us!  We did not know he was coming home for fall break.  I was so excited and really struggling to hold back my happy tears!  We hadn't seen Colby in several months so we were SUPER happy he was home. 

 Colby was bonding with Oreo...finally.  It takes Oreo a little while to be friendly with the kids when they first come home each time.

Friday night, we went to Game Night at church.  This was to celebrate the October birthdays and anniversaries.
 I made stromboli and it was GREAT!  I actually made two big loaves of it and only came home with a couple of small slices.  There is always such great food at our church fellowships.  Church ladies just know how to cook!
 I also made a pan of brownies!  I've discovered Betty Crocker ( I think it's Betty's mix) Dark Chocolate brownie mix!  You MUST try it!  I usually add a cup of chopped pecans, but since Colby doesn't like nuts, I decided to put peanut butter chips in instead.  WONDERFUL!! 
 After the food, comes the games!  There were two groups playing dominoes.  We had a large group playing Phase 10 and it got ugly!  I thought we were going to have to stop the game and pray for a couple of people! They get ruthless with those 'skip' cards.
 We got home in time to see the TEXAS RANGERS big win over the New York Yankees!  So proud of this team and excited about their first trip to the World Series. 
 All weekend we had been battling stopped up drains.  We were having to limit how much water we ran in order to keep it from backing up in the toilets and bathtubs.  Saturday morning though, it all came to a halt.  Water was NOT going anywhere but back up in the drains.  Allan began to try to unstop it by 'snaking' out the drain.  No. Such. Luck  He dug this deep hole right by the front door and tried going at it that way.'s not working.  Then the rain and storms started so he had to take a break.  Later, he tried again and still nothing was moving so he gave up for the night.  It is so hard to keep a house going with no water! 
 After church Sunday morning, we ate at our usual place-Molina's.  We had a great lunch with church friends and family.  My parents got away before I could get their pics.
                     This is Stevie, who takes GREAT care of us at Molina's!  We love her!
                     We came home and took our usual 'tree' pictures before changing out of our church clothes. 

Me and Oreo!

I am so grateful for another great weekend with one of my kids.  I just need them both here at the same time!
I hope everyone had a great weekend also.

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