Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a beautiful weekend here in SE Oklahoma this past weekend.  This was just to make us happy before the big blizzard of 2011 hits overnight tonight.  I seriously hope this forecast is totally off base! BRRRRR!!
Allan had worked 12+ hours the last week or so while the plant was on shutdown, so we were very glad it was over before the weekend started.  Friday evening we went out to my parents' house for supper.  I had made several casserole dishes of Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti several weeks ago and had stored two dishes in my mom's freezer, since ours was full.  I had mom thaw one out for our supper that night.  She also made a salad and some of her homemade bread, all buttery and garlicy!  It was a great meal.  She also made a delicious apple pie! Yummers!
After cleaning up the kitchen I gave mom a lesson on how to navigate Facebook.  I had set up an account for her earlier in the day.  She had been wanting to get on Facebook for a while now, because I'm constantly telling her all the info I learn about people on there.  I think she will really enjoy it once she kind of gets the hang of it.  She's already got quite a few friends!
Mom's Facebook profile pic-so pretty!

Saturday was kind of a lazzzzyyyy day.  I slept in a bit and then Allan cooked sausage and cheese omelets for breakfast.  Mmmmmmm they were wonderful.  He makes a really great omelet!

After a little snack/lunch we each went our separate ways.  I went to clean our church for Sunday morning worship and he went out to work on our land.  We are in the beginning process of building our dream home-a log home!  After I finished at the church, I went out to the land also.  We walked around a bit and saw a bunch of deer tracks and other critters tracks too.  I hope these are ALL friendly critters!
This is what our home will hopefully look like!

We then came back in to town and decided to eat at this new little cafe in town.

I mainly went for their bread pudding which I've had once before and Allan has had several times.  It is absolutely to die for!!!  I've never had anything quite like it...but it is delish!!

After supper, we came back home and just chilled...watched tv and I prepared my Sunday School lesson for the next day.
Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at Molina's...great food and great service!  We then came home and I took a lonnnnng usual for me on Sunday afternoons.  Then, it was back to church again for the evening worship.  After church, we went to Braums' with a big group from church.  
I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend also!

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