Monday, June 27, 2011

Recent Happenings

Hey, fellow bloggers!  I am back after taking a little hiatus from the blog world.  I've just been too busy to git 'er done.
 We are building our dream home, which I will talk about in a later post, and that has been all consuming!
Here I am practicing to be a "Country Woman".

The kids have both been home lately but not at the same time.  They have not been here together since Christmas! 
Colby came home soon after he graduated college in May.
Ashley came home several weeks after Colby's visit...mainly to get her hair done!  So pretty!

Ashley ACTUALLY helped build the house!!  Yes, she is shoveling concrete and did a great job! 
Sunday after church we took our traditional tree pictures.
I think she was about to bite me!
Father's Day with my Dad at our usual Sunday restaurant.  I love him!
Me and Allan also on Father's Day.  The kids didn't get to come home that weekend but we still celebrated anyway.  We are laughing because he spilled salsa ALL OVER his shirt and I was trying to cover it up for a picture!
One of my brothers and his family came to see our building progress.  The boys were showing off their TKD skills by breaking all the leftover wood into smaller pieces.  They had a blast!
Colby FINALLY got to celebrate his birthday-three weeks late!  Better late than never though.  I made his special strawberry cake that he requested, along with Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. 
We also celebrated Father's Day!  I love these two!  They are so loving and affectionate with each other that it warms my heart!
Then it quickly turns into this.
I love this pic of Colby and Mom.  Mom and Dad took us out to eat fish on Saturday night.
Colby sitting in the doorway of our house in progress.  He had not been home since the actual building had begun. 
We made a trip out to see the elephant at the Endangered Ark Foundation.  Our town is home to three circuses that have their winter quarters here and we also have an elephant breeding program.
One of the elephants was just hanging around eating hay and throwing dirt on herself.  This is so neat to be able to just drive down the road and nearly always see an elephant or two and sometimes other circus animals too.

My next post just might be about our home building!  Be sure to check back!

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