Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend got off to a great start.  Mom, Allan and I went to the play, "The Fantastiks", at the Paris Community Theater.
The talent was amazing!  I just love, love, love musicals!
We have gone to quite a few of the PCT productions and they are always great entertainment!

Saturday morning I got up BEFORE DAYLIGHT!  Yes, that's right...BEFORE DAYLIGHT!  We had alot of work to do on our new house and needed to get an early start, especially with this killer heat we're having, we didn't know how long we would last out there.
Allan got busy running the electric wire around all of the window openings.

He didn't need my help as much as we anticipated so I began my project for the day.  My cousin, Carol Ann, told me a while back that when they built their house, they wrote favorite scriptures on the frame walls.  We LOVED that idea!  I've been collecting and organizing what scriptures that I wanted to put in certain areas.  When the kids were home a few weeks ago, they did some in their rooms since they will not be back home before sheetrock is nailed up.
 I chose the scripture Phil 2:4-Do all things without go in my laundry room.  I will definitely need that little reminder each time I go to do a load of laundry.
"Blessed are you who hunger now, for you shall be satisfied"-Luke 6:21  This one is in my kitchen window. I'll be doing a blog post in the future with more about our scripture walls.
 We worked out at the house until late in the evening, came home, ate supper, cleaned up and went to bed.
Sunday morning after church, we drove to meet the kids for lunch at a little town halfway between us and them. This has become our meeting place whenever neither of us can make the full trip.
Yes, we eat at a place called "Pig Out Palace"
This restaurant has pretty good food and a gift shop too!  Not quite Cracker Barrel, well, nothing like Cracker Barrel.  If pig decor is your fancy, then make a stop at Pig Out Palace! This place is all about PIGS.  If it's your birthday, guess what?  A giant pig will come out and sing to you!
If pig themed lawn ornaments are your style, they have them too!
Anyway, we had a great lunch and visit with our kids!
Then we all parted ways and headed home to get back in time for evening church services.
On the stretch of road that we take towards OKC, there is this beautiful sight!  This "Jesus on the mountain top", as my kids have always called it, has been there for years and years.  I have no idea who keeps it up and replaces rocks as they tumble on down the mountain, but I do appreciate this reminder as we travel.  Jesus is ALWAYS near.

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