Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend last weekend.  Friday morning, we drove up to Edmond to spend the weekend with our kids and also to celebrate Allan's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Friday night, we had reservations at Old Germany Restaurant in Choctaw, OK. 
I had not ever been to a German restaurant and was a little apprehensive about what I was going to eat.  I  had been studying the menu online trying to figure out what I was going to choose.  I ended up getting grilled chicken schnitzel with potato dumplings and a salad.  I figured that would be a safe choice.  As everyone was trying to decide what to eat, there were lots of laughter from everyone trying to say all these German food words that we really didn't know what they meant.
The waitress brings out salads to everyone that ordered one.  Mine came with a little something extra.  A FLY!!!  It was just walking around all over everything.  We quickly get the waitress' attention and she takes my salad, all the while making light of the whole ordeal.  As she was walking off with the salad, she says,'Oh, he just flew off!"  I just KNOW that the salad she brought back to me was the same one I started with and I just couldn't eat it.
The main course finally arrived and all looked good until Ashley began to poke at my potato dumplings.  They jiggled.  Potatoes are not supposed to jiggle.  After much salting and peppering, I was able to eat one of the dumplings.  The grilled chicken was very good, so I was a happy camper. 
Here is the whole bunch of us.  We had a great time laughing and visiting.
It was so great to celebrate their anniversary.  50 years together is amazing!
Back many many years ago!
At most family gatherings, there are always 'those' family members:
Sorry to say, but yes, I was one of 'those' at this family gathering.  I could probably make an album of me making this face or one similar to it.  They will probably come back to haunt me someday.
Emily was also one of 'those' family members.
Something else that happened that cracked us all up was when the word got around that we were celebrating an anniversary, the German lady that owned the place came to our room, offering congratulations and such.  She then said, in her thick German accent, "Later, I bring you shots."  To which, Allan's mom politely replied, "OK."  As the woman walked off, kids and grandkids yelled out, "Grammy, you just agreed to have shots later!"  We laughed and laughed over that.  The lady never did bring them though so we weren't faced with how to handle that situation. 

Saturday morning after breakfast, Allan and I met up with our kids and then boys and girls went in different directions for a bit.  Ashley had been part of an adoption finalization on Friday so there was a party at a local park to celebrate this new little family.  It was such an exciting and happy time to see these children now with their forever family!
We left the party and met up with the guys at a furniture store to do a little window shopping and then we had lunch at a BBQ place nearby.  After more shopping around, we went back to the kids' apartment to get ready for an OU party.
The kids have been 'adopted' by a family from their church that are just amazing people.  We have become great friends with them also over the years.  They invited us to come eat and watch the OU game.  We had a fun time with them!
Ashley & Joyce
Me and Allan
My and my girl
Colby & Kazuki, another college student they have 'adopted'. 
My pride and joy!  These kids are the greatest!
Wade & Joyce-my kids are so blessed to have them in their life.
Or course, we all know boys will be boys and for some reason they love, love, love to pester.
Colby looks so innocent here, after just poking Ashley in the side.  Such an angelic little face he has.
Pestering is not limited to younger brothers either.  Here is Wade goosing Joyce as we are trying to take a nice picture.
We had a fun time at their house and went home with full tummies!
Sunday, we went to church and then to a family dinner at Charleston's. We had a great time there also.  After lunch, Allan and I headed back home.
Monday was NOT a day of rest like Labor Day is supposed to be!  We got up early, headed out to the new house to do some clean up work.  Carpenters evidently just leave stuff wherever it may fall.  We spent the whole day hauling extra lumber from the front to the back and just general cleaning up around the place.  We went home exhausted!
It looks much nicer out front now that it's all cleaned up!  I'm so excited to see the progress we're making.
I hope everyone had a great weekend also.

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