Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week.  It was a beautiful day here in SE Oklahoma!  Our Thanksgiving was quite a bit different this year than it has been in many years.  We usually go to my late grandparents'  old homeplace and celebrate Thanksgiving with aunts, uncles, cousins and whoever else that might show up.  We have such a great time!  This year several family members were having health issues so plans changed for everyone.  We spent the day at my parents' house here in town, along with one of my brother's and his family.  Colby came home Wednesday evening and Ashley didn't get to come this year.  I was kind of a sad momma without having both of my kids here.

Of course, the girls do all the cooking it seems for these family gatherings!  I baked my first ever turkey and didn't even get a picture of it before Allan carved it!  It was such a pretty turkey too!  I  made a chocolate caramel pecan pie from the November Southern Living magazine.  It was scrumptious!!  I also made my Paula Deen brownies which in recent years has become a must-have dessert.  We had lots of other good food too.  I don't know why I mentioned mainly desserts...well, yes, I do know why...because I LOVE THEM!
Mom's neighbor, Patty, Mom, Me, & Stacey
We all ate until we couldn't hardly move but it was well worth it!  Since it was such a pretty day, we ended up outside for most of the rest of the day.
Me & Allan
Allan, Me, & Colby
My brother, Doug, and his family
Mom & Dad
Colby used Mom's new leaf blower to make a big pile of leaves for K to play in.  She had a blast in there!  I believe her dog, Buffy is also somewhere in there.
She even got her Momma to join in her fun! 
Colby & Dad
Mom was needing a new profile pic for her Facebook page, so we went and had a little photo shoot.  I LOVE this picture of her!
One of Mom's cats, Whiskers, wanted in on the picture taking too.  He's really listening to her motherly advice!
We left Mom  & Dad's house to go to our new house for a while so Colby could shoot his new gun.  He's recently taken up duck  hunting, thanks to the Duck Dynasty guys!  He practiced shooting clay pigeons.
We went back to Mom's and snacked on leftovers for supper before going back to our house. 
All in all, it was a wonderful day.  We sure missed the ones that couldn't be with us and hope next year we'll be back to our regularly scheduled family Thanksgiving.

One last I wrote several weeks ago, I am trying to break my Dr.Pepper addiction because Dr. Oz put a scare in me!  Welllllllll, since it was Thanksgiving, and I had gone 10 days with no Dr. Pepper, I decided to splurge a bit and have one.
I can say, it was the prettiest site I'd seen in 10 days!  I drank it slow and savored every sip...mmmm good!

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  1. We had AMAZING weather in NE OK, too. The land looks gorgeous! I love that we're still enjoying fall!