Friday, February 1, 2013

He's a 3rd Degree Black Belt!

Last Saturday, Allan tested for his 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwon Do. He's worked really hard to accomplish this and I'm so proud of him.
He was the only one testing this time so he was prepared for a really hard test.  It began with patterns.  As you progress in TKD, the patterns become longer and more difficult, plus you have to remember all of the previous ones you've learned over the years.
Then there were different kicks that he had to demonstrate.  I don't know how he does it!!
The test was pretty fast paced with NO breaks for him to get any kind of rest.  It was wearing me out to watch him and I held my breath through so much of it.  It was very intense!
Sparring was next.  He had to spar three different people.
These guys showed him no mercy!  They came at him full steam ahead and he held his own with all of them.  He got in some pretty good jabs and kicks on them too!
Breaking was next and even though it is the most impressive part of the test, it scares me to death to watch!  I can just imagine all kinds of broken bones happening.   First he had to break four cement tiles with his hand.
ANNNNDDDD....he did it!   Here is a video of it!

Then he had to break four boards with a kick.

And....once again he did it!  Here is a video of this break.

 He did a couple of other breaks and then the test was over. 
His instructor, Master Floyd Griffin, an 8th degree black belt, gives him his new belt! 
Allan with Master Griffin, the test board and one of his students.
We were all so happy for him!  I was so glad that our kids were able to come for the weekend to support their Daddy.  It meant a lot to him!
Congratulations, Allan!


  1. SO impressive! When Ashley mentioned her dad was a 3rd Degree Black Belt, I had to see it to believe it! Way to go, Allan!

  2. Well, I'm beyond impressed for sure. My nephew, 16 years old, does this and I've gone to watch him test and it makes me so nervous. Hats off to your Hubby!

  3. Wow ~ that's amazing!! Congratulations to your husband!