Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Red Nose Cafe

I've talked many times here about our little town being "Circus City USA" because of the three circuses that have their headquarters here.  Last Friday night, Allan and I went to the Red Nose Cafe sponsored by all of the local circuses.  This was the 3rd year they have put this on for the community but we had never gone before.  We were in for a treat!
We got there and found our church group to sit with.  I didn't get any pics of the decorations which were great!  I think I was in such awe of how they had transformed our local Vo-Tech School into a circus atmosphere.  The food had all been prepared by the circus people themselves.  They had dishes from all over the world and the dishes were things they make and serve when they're on the road during their touring season.
Dudley is a member of our church and he has worked for the circus for many years.  He was so glad that many of our church members came out to support the cafe.   He was manning the table where you could buy a circus cookbook.  I bought one and will have to get busy trying out some new things.  The food was WONDERFUL.  There was so much to choose from and you could have some of everything if you wanted to.
After eating, the entertainment began!
Jim Loyal was the emcee for the night.  He is with one of the circuses but I can't remember which one.  He explained the reason for the cafe was to help raise money for a circus museum in town.  This has been an ongoing effort for several years and more funds are still needed to make it happen.  They also want to have a  circus skills program for our local children which I think is a great idea!

The first entertainer was the funniest guy! He LOVED the crowd and knew how to work us! haha  He spun and tossed, with his feet, several different items throughout his performance.  He was so fun!

Next they had a hula hoop girl.  She was great too!  She started out with one hula hoop and quickly went to about 500 of them!  Not really, but it would seem like that if I were doing it!

The clowns were next.  Ryan & Steve were so funny!  Young and old alike were just dying laughing at their crazy antics!

Next was the cutest juggler boy!  His tricks just kept getting harder and harder as he was trying to not knock out the lights above his head!

Next was the clown contest.  All of the children had been encouraged to come dressed up as a clown.  There were some pretty cute ones!

Even though our friend, "K", didn't win, we still thought he was the cutest one there!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I'm so glad we went!  I plan on going next year too!

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  1. How fun!!! My grandmother actually rode elephants in a small town circus here in Texas. Unfortunately she wont talk about it. She became snooty in her old age.