Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Red Nose Cafe

Last Friday night, Allan and I went to the Red Nose Cafe.  This event was sponsored by our three local circuses that have their winter quarters here.  We enjoyed a good meal before the entertainment began. 
There was tumbling and acrobatics
Hula hooping and balancing
Juggling with Gerard
Clown acts
The real highlight of the evening was to see some of the kids perform that have been participating in the Circus School!  Through the summer, there were classes available for local kids, not associated with the circus at all, to learn circus skills.  This program has been very popular and also very successful! 
This little guy did a balancing act while twirling a rope and also a hula hoop.  He was the cutest thing!
This beautiful girl showed her skills on the low wire.  She'll be on way to the high wire in no time, I bet!
This little girl was dressed as a rag doll and was brought to the stage in a box.  The man pulled her out of the box and she did some tumbling tricks.  It was very cute!
I dont' know if this was their first performance or not, but they all did a great job and I'm anxious to see more from these kids and others that are involved in the Circus School!
The last act of the night was a father and two daughters who did a unicycle act.  They were very good!
The night ended with a clown contest!  Very good prizes were given in several categories.  Everyone was a winner!
We had a great time and look forward to next year's cafe!

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