Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Social-Week 87

Ashley & her friend, Neely, have been hosting a "Sunday Social" link-up for over a year now.  I've just now decided it's about time for me to join in the fun!

This week's questions are about the number 4!

1. 4 Favorite bands you loved in high school
The Osmonds were my favorite...especially Donny!
I recently saw Donny & Marie's Christmas Tour and will be doing a post about that soon!
The Bee Gees
KC &  The Sunshine Band
In my senior year of high school I sorta converted to country music and Alabama was my favorite!

2. 4 go to meals you'd love to learn to cook or can cook really well
Meat loaf is my all-time go-to meal.  I nearly always have the ingredients on hand so I can whip one up in no time.  Add a vegetable or two and you've got a quick meal on the table!

Chicken Fried Venison is one of my family's favorites. 
I also make gravy and mashed potatoes to go along with it!  So, so good!

A new favorite is a Paula Deen recipe for pan fried pork chops and bacon cheddar grits.  A good ole southern meal for sure!

Breakfast suppers are another family favorite-bacon or sausage, fried eggs, and biscuits or waffles.  I REALLY love it when Allan takes over the kitchen on a breakfast supper night.  He makes the best omelets!

3. 4 necessities to your daily life
Prayer is a must!  I begin and end my day with prayer and usually there are several more prayers throughout the day as situations come to mind.

Make-up!  I never go anywhere without my hair and make-up done. I may be in sweats or pajama pants to make a Sonic run but I WILL have at least mascara and lipstick on!

Dr. Pepper!  I'm really trying to cut down on the amount I drink each day and I'm making progress but right now, it's still a necessity.
Talking to my mom is an every day thing.  Hardly a day goes by without us talking to each other at least once.

4. 4 makeup necessities you must have if you could only have 4 on
Lipstick is my favorite!

5. 4 favorite apps on your phone or iPad
My facebook app is my favorite!
Candy Crush Saga! I'm hooked!
100 Pics-another game I'm hooked on
Pinterest-so many great things pinned for 'one of these days'!

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  1. I had a Marie Barbie when I was in elementary school, and I still love the Bee Gees.
    It looks like Candy Crush is on pretty much everyone's list. I had to quit cold turkey!