Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring definitely has sprung here in SE. Oklahoma!  Our weather has fluctuated so much over the last month that we literally had to take it day by day as how to dress each day.  Finally, we began to see little signs of warmer weather.
Daffodils are always the first sign of spring around here and they just seem to pop up and bloom almost over night.
My mom's forsythia blooming is another sure sign that warmer weather is just around the corner.
Mom's peach trees are also in full bloom.  I hope we can pick the fruit this year before the critters get them all like they did last year. 

With all of the lovely blooming flowers and trees, also comes my least favorite part of spring.   
SLCs.  Scary. Looking. Clouds.  Ashley's weatherman actually uses SLCs as if it's a real meteorological term! 
Spring can be really scary and dangerous here so I'll be spending lots of time with this man-my favorite weather man!  He's the best!
via KTEN news
On a side note-I hope everyone had a great Easter.  I had a fun day in my Bible Class!  We made cute little bunny masks in the last few minutes of class.  
Allan was working and neither of our kids were able to come home so I was kind of by myself.  I went to Roma's after church with mom and dad and church friends.
The waiters there at Roma's are the best!  They wanted to get in on the Easter fun with us!
Have a great week!

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  1. Those little bunny faces are just adorable! I'll have to remember that next year for the Grans.

    Oh, how well I remember those SLC's when our daughter and SIL lived in Ok. for 8 years. Yikes!

    Happy week!