Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I'm so thankful for all of our military men and women that have sacrificed so much for us to have the freedom that we have.  We should never take it for granted!
Allan got up early this and went to work at the new house.  As soon as he left, the animals decided it was time for ME to get up...grrrr.  Mom called to say she was grilling hamburgers and for us to come out for lunch, so we did.  After lunch, Allan went back to work at the house and I ran home to check on the animals.  I went on out after getting animals fed, pottied, and crated since rain/storms were in the forecast for the afternoon.
Allan has been working so hard at the new house.  The yard and meadow had really grown up with all of the rain we've had so he's spent a lot of time mowing and weedeating.
There is still so much damage from the ice storm back in the winter that it will take months and months to clean up and burn.  He burned several brush piles on Saturday and already has another huge pile ready to go again!
While he was doing all of this hard work, I was sitting on the porch taking selfies! 
Well, not the whole time!  I did drag some limbs over to the burn pile and then I walked around checking on the redbud trees Mom planted last year.  Most survived the ice storm and I was so surprised!  Mom will be happy!
Allan took a break and we walked around the property for a while.  When we first bought the property, there were several blackberry patches that were in pretty bad shape and not producing good fruit.  We hadn't really seen any plants at all over the last few seasons and figured they had died out or had been mowed down.  Today we found quite a few!
They're small berries and we probably won't get to harvest them this year.  I figure the birds or some other critters will take care of them.  I need to learn what to do to help them thrive for future seasons.  I love a good blackberry cobbler...especially the ones Mom makes!
I just LOVE wildflowers!  We came upon several patches of a couple of different kinds.  Later on in the summer there will be tons of black-eyed Susans!  

Have a great week!

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