Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

Well, I have kind of neglected this little blog over the summer so I thought I would do a post about our weekend and then try to catch up with what's been going on here over the summer in the next few days.  We shall see.

I was so excited that both of our kids were coming home for the weekend!  They don't come home near often enough for this momma and lots of times they don't get to be here at the same time, so this was really special.  Ashley got here Saturday night and had already asked if we could go to Paris to eat at her favorite place.  She lives in the big city but has not found a Mexican restaurant that even comes close to TaMolly's.  So, off we went!  After eating, we wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower!
I just think this is the neatest thing!  We hung around, took pics and then toured the Red River Valley Veteran's Memorial which is on the same grounds as the Eiffel Tower.  The memorial is very impressive.  Allan and I had been there a year or so ago during the early stage of the building of it, but now, there is so much more to see!  We are very fortunate to have a memorial such as this here in our little part of the world.
It began to get dark and I was so glad we had hung around until then.  I knew that the tower was lit up at night but I'd never seen it.  It was beautiful!
Sunday was church and it was my last Bible class with the group I've had since they were 2 years old.  I'm going to miss them so much.
We went to lunch at Roma's after church and had a good visit with family and friends.  During the afternoon, Ashley and I watched a movie while waiting on Colby to get home.  We all went to church again and then to Braum's with church friends.
Monday we loaded up and headed to Mom & Dad's for a cookout with the family.  Allan fired up the grill and had some help from the kids with the cooking.
We had a ton of food!  Burgers, smoked sausage, and hot dogs with all of the trimmings! And cupcakes!
We sat out on the porch and visited, watched kids play, and drove the mule around.  Everyone had a great time!
I always have to have group pictures before everyone begins to scatter.  A lot of them complain about posing for pics, but oh, well! They'll thank me for having these pictures some day!
We had such a good time!  Then it was time for my kids to head back to the big city, which always makes me sad.  I love them so much!
I hope everyone had as good a weekend as we did!


  1. I've ate at many Tamolly's around East Texas and they are all so good. I love Mexican food!! Those cupcakes look awesome.

  2. Glad to see you're back to blogging! It looks like you had a GREAT weekend!