Monday, November 16, 2015

Everybody's Working For The Weekend!

The weekend went flying by wayyyyy to fast it seems!  Ashley came home on Friday for a short visit.  She had concert plans with her bestie to go see Leeann Rimes.  She got home so early that I hadn't even been up for too long!  We decided to have lunch with Mom at Roma's.  Mom had a beauty shop appointment soon after lunch and since we finished lunch rather quickly we decided to kill some time by sharing CHEESECAKE!  We chose black forest this time and it was amazing!
We didn't do much the rest of the afternoon...just waiting on Allan to get home before going out for supper.  Ashley and I took a bunch of selfies and since we tend to act goofy, it was hard to get a decent picture but this  really is our true selves I guess!
She went on to the concert after supper and Allan and I went home and waited for her to come home.  Even though she's grown, I still wait up for her when she's home visiting.
She had to leave mid-morning on Saturday to get back to work that afternoon. I ALWAYS hate to see my kids leave...ALWAYS!  Anyway, they'll both be home in a few weeks for Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait.
Allan was gone most of the day Saturday for a TKD tournament so I was left to watch Hallmark Christmas movies the rest of the day.
Pic courtesy of TKD mom Melissa

Sunday was church and then out to Roma's...again.  We have such few choices here in smalltown Oklahoma so we eat out multiple times a week at the same restaurants. The food is always great here so we really don't mind.  Today, Allan had Roma's Salad with grilled chicken and I had tortellini alla panna with grilled of my absolute favorites!
John & Tonee ate with us today they usually do.  I'm thankful for such good friends!
After church tonight, we went out for supper at El Pueblito with a more church friends.  We always have a good time with lots of laughs.  It's a great way to end a Sunday and get ready for the week ahead.
See!  We can do a normal picture, although those silly ones really reflect who we really are and how we act with each other!
Have a great week!


  1. I think most selfies are supposed to be fun and silly! The pic of your daughter and your mom is very good, and also the last one of you and your daughter. Sounds like a good weekend. Even when there aren't many restaurants to choose from, the nice thing is to have friends and family to share food and good times.

  2. We always eat with friends after church on Sunday mornings and night. We so enjoy our "church people." Have a great new week!