Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge #243

Happy Wednesday!  It's time for this week's Hodgepodge with Joyce and the ladies of the link-up.

1.  In two or three sentences, tell us what Veteran's Day means to you.
First of all, my favorite veteran would be my Daddy!  Veteran's Day should be all about appreciating and recognizing what a sacrifice SO many have made for our country in years past and also in recent years.  War is a terrible thing but also a necessary thing at times in order to protect our freedom.  But with war, comes loss and changed lives for so many people.  Thank you to all who have served or are currently serving our great country!

2.  What's your favorite film with a patriotic theme woven into the storyline?
I have just drawn a blank on this one...sorry!

3.  Flu shot-yes or no?  If you answered no, do you plan to get a flu shot?  If not, why not?  Have you ever had the flu?  NO flu shot!  I'm terrified of needles and that is my main reason for not getting the flu shot.  I talk my doctor out of any kind of injection if there is a pill or something else I can do.  I have had the flu before and it's no fun but neither is that needle rammed in my arm! flu shot for me!

4.  I've seen lots of people posting pictures of their Christmas trees up and decorated.  Many stores have had Christmas on display since well before Halloween.  Red cups are back at Starbucks, sans the holiday decor and that has some people up in arms.  What are your thoughts on all the holiday ruckus this second week of November?
I do love Christmas and all the hoopla that goes along with it...BUT...why can't we let Thanksgiving have it's moment too?  I love Fall but it just seems to get rushed through to get  the Christmas shopping season rolling along.  I do recognize it's all about the dollar, but I would prefer a simpler, less materialistic approach to the Christmas season. 

5.  What 'critter' are you most afraid of encountering unexpectedly?  Why that one?
There are so many to choose from that I don't know that I can narrow it to just one!  I'm a wimp when it comes to most critters.  I guess the most obvious one is a snake...I have literally gone crazy when I've come upon one suddenly.  My life flashes before my eyes as I'm doing the scared-of-snake dance!

6.  Do you like building things?  What's the last thing you 'built'?
I do like building things!  We are building a house but lately I haven't been much help.  I did 'build' a birthday cake for my mom last weekend though!  That fat-free sweetened condensed milk totally make this a healthy cake!  And dark chocolate is good for you so there's that added health bonus! 

7.  In keeping with this month's theme of gratitude...what are you most grateful for that brings beauty to your daily life?
I'm so grateful for my beautiful family!  Even though I don't see my kids as often as I would like, they're never far from my heart.  My hubby is one of the hardest working men around and I'm so thankful for all he does for me.  

8.  Insert your own random thought.
My church is such a giving church!  We collect pantry items for two children's homes in the state.  Recently the Tipton Home truck came to pick up the food and supplies we had gathered for them.  They always comment about how much is contributed each time they come. 
I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


  1. Love the flu shot photo. Ha ha! So true! We don't get the flu shot for several reasons, but one is because I don't see the point in traumatizing my kids with a needle on the very off chance the correct strain has been chosen for the vaccine that year. That dessert looks yummy!!!

  2. What a handsome veteran! I'm enjoying all these flu shot responses. I agree with Nicole. As for needles, don't ever agree to a hip aspiration unless they put you under. A normal needle is like a mosquito bite. The needle they use for an aspiration is like a knitting needle!

  3. Hi Cheryl. Nice to meet you through the Hodgepodge. Your cake sounds delicious. Chocolate and caramel are a great combo!

  4. I like how you build! LOL I love my sweets. :sigh: Too much really! An awesome family you have there. What giving people! That's quite a stash of stuff for those in need!

  5. I am totally with you on the "snake dance!" LOL

    Your church sounds like a real blessing to the community. That's awesome!

  6. So good to meet you in the Hodgepodge today, and thanks so much for stopping by. Interesting that so many of us feel the same way about the flu shot. And your "build" sounds delicious. I was hoping you had included the recipe, but maybe next time. Happy Birthday to your mom.

  7. Cheryl, thank you for your visit to my blog today! Nice to meet you. Your church is certainly a blessing for those you help!! I enjoyed your answers and thank you again for your visit!! Terri D. Your Friend From Florida

  8. Thank you to your father for serving his country. I said snake too, they really scare me. Your family is beautiful, what a blessing you have been given. That is very nice of your church. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. Snakes!!!!! I never want to encounter one up close. A few feet away from me was as close as I ever want to be. That cake looks somewhat deadly! November is such a beautiful time of the year. I would much rather slow it down and just enjoy the blessing of cooler weather and being mindful of all we have to be thankful for.

  10. Snakes, yes I agree, never even thought of them! What a thoughtful working church! That is a great ministry! Enjoyed all of your answers! And thanks for stopping by this morning.

  11. Love that pic of the child getting that flu shot!! Have a great week.

  12. From the looks of the ingredients of that cake, I know it was delicious :)
    Wow, that's a lot of supplies collected... The shelves actually appear to be bowing!

  13. I understand completely, I hate needles too! Any time I can choose the spray, I do.

    That cake sounds fabulous!

  14. Great blog post -- you have a beautiful family. We had the same answer on the 'scared of critters' question. Fortunately, we got 5 inches of snow earlier this morning, so I think any/all snakes around here have gone into hibernation for the winter.

  15. I see that your dad is an Air Force vet as am I. I too am a member of the church of Christ. Thank you for stopping by my blog page.

  16. Returning the favour from the Hodgepodge. Nice post. That's an impressive collection of supplies. I wouldn't be doing a snake dance if I encountered one - I'd be running the fastest I'd ever run in my life! lol

  17. ooh, I can drink that condensed milk straight from the can. I can, but I don't : ) Good luck with your house. Ours is moving slowly thanks to an abundance (and then some) of rain. We have some concrete poured now, so that's something. I'm ready for the framing, but apparently we're still a couple weeks away. When do you expect to move in? We won't be in until sometime next summer. Or fall at this rate, but I'm hoping for summer!