Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Weekend!

I was so excited for last weekend to get here!  Colby came home on Thursday!  He had not been home since the Christmas holidays, which was wayyyy too long! 
I love having my kids home!  Colby's friend from next door, who just graduated from college too, came over Thursday night and the boys laughing and playing xbox games was music to my ears!  I love these times!

Friday evening, Allan and I went to meet his parents for supper.  They were camping in the area and had invited us to come eat fish.  We usually go to have a big fish fry each time they camp nearby.  I had my grungies on and was waiting by the door when Allan came in from work.  He then informed me that we were eating at a restaurant instead of actually at the lake.  I had no time to change clothes and shoes because we were going to be pushing it to get there at the set time.  I asked, "Where are we eating? I'm not dressed for a restaurant."  He said, "It's a place called 'Bubba's' and I think you'll be just fine for there.  I don't imagine anything too fancy is required for 'Bubba's'.  He was right!
We had a great time visiting with the in-laws and also my brother and his family joined us.  The food was great too.

Saturday was a busy day at church.  We were hosting our 12th Annual Lectureship.  We had a good turn out for the meeting and the speakers all did a wonderful job.
I registered people as they came in. 
The speakers were:  Jack Smith, Kevin Pendergrass & Ivie Powell
Our church provided a BBQ lunch following the Lectureship.  Our church ladies are the best cooks in the world!  It was a great uplifting day spent with Christians.

After the lectureship, we went to my parents' house for Mother's Day/Dad's Birthday part 2.  My brother, Jimmy, and his family came down for the afternoon also.
Mom & Dad with Jimmy's family
Colby & Cole

Cole is the funniest kid!  As Colby started down the hill, pulling him in the wagon, he yells out, "Swing your partner, do-si-do!"  We also took alot of posed family pictures and he was getting pretty tired of it and said, "I need to rest!"  Kids this age are so funny!
Evan is doing great with TaeKwon Do!  He was practicing his skills with Uncle Allan.

The boy cousins
 Earlier in the week, I won two free tickets to the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts concert. 

I never win anything and I don't really know why I entered this but the offer came through Twitter and I retweeted it and won the tickets.  I didn't really even know what Joan Jett sang since I'm not a rocker girl at all.  I told Allan that I had won them and that I really didn't know what she sang or if I wanted to go to the concert.  He wasn't that crazy about going either but said he would if I wanted to.  I tried to give Colby and Marcel the tickets to give them something to do on Saturday night.  They weren't interested.  I began to youtube songs of Joan Jett and found that I did know some of her songs from back in the 80's.  So, I told Allan that I think we should go on to the concert.  So we decided to do it.
After leaving my folks house on Saturday afternoon, we decided to go on to Durant and eat before the concert began. We ate at Roma's.  DELISH!  We shared a pizza which was wonderful!
Then we headed out to the concert venue to find our way around since we had never been there before.
We got there about an hour early. The doors were open so we went on in. We got to listen and watch the band warm up and do sound checks.  Joan gave a shout out to all of us in the lobby!
We got our tickets and they were GREAT seats!  6th row, left of stage! 
This David Bowie look-a-like was there too!  I'll say there were some very interesting people there...very, very interesting.
The stage
"I Love Rock & Roll"
The concert was unlike any I've been too,even though I've not been to very many.  Joan has definitely changed her music from what she sang back in the 80's.  I felt really sorry for her because it seems she has some real struggles going on in her personal life. Well, maybe she isn't struggling with them since she seemed rather content! But, there are issues she definitely needs to work out.  My eyes were really opened to what is going on in our small community here and that it seems to be accepted  I pray that these people will open their eyes and ears to what God has to say before it is too late for them.  I prayed most of the way home!
I'm sure I had several shocked looks on my face during the night!  There were two distinct crowds there.  The 40+ crowd was waiting for the old time rock and roll songs, which she didn't sing until the end.  When I looked around, 'we' were all sitting down and not applauding on certain songs during the first part of the concert.   
The younger crowd was a very, very different crowd for the most part.  Again, all I can say is that I pray that they change their ways A.S.A.P.  
In her defense, Joan did put on a very energetic concert and she is a great guitar player.  

Sunday was worship.  People were so glad to see Colby since he had not been here since Christmas.
This is Colby's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wallace.
Colby and one of his high school English teachers, Mrs. Copeland. Colby had another teacher, Mr. Plum, that also is a member of our church.  I didn't get a pic of the two of them on Sunday.
Colby and Mom-Mom and Granddaddy at Molina's. 
We really enjoyed our crazy, busy weekend and I HATED to see Colby pack up and leave on Sunday afternoon.

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