Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend, with it being Colby's graduation and also Mother's Day weekend, Allan and I were able to spend part of the weekend with each of our moms and with our kids.   
 Allan's mom will be forever young!  She is always mistaken for his sister, which she absolutely loves!  
 I would not be with my kids on Mother's Day so we celebrated at Jimmy's Egg on Saturday morning before Allan and I headed back home.  I love these two so much!
I LOVED my gifts!  Ashley has gone to two book signings lately for two our our favorite people and she got these autographed for me!  
This means that Pioneer Woman and I are bff's now!
Karen Kingsbury is on my best friend list too!
Mom is one of my very best friends and such a special inspiration to me.  She is the most loving, giving, caring person!  She has a servant heart and is always doing for others.  She LOVED her new Mother's Day wagon!
Mom is such a beautiful person, inside and out!
Mom with her oldest and her youngest!  There is another one inbetween that wasn't able to come that day.  To those that may not know, I am not revealing which order that I fall into!
My brother, Doug, and his family with mom.
My wonderful parents!  My dad's 77th birthday was earlier this week so we celebrated his special day also on Sunday and will celebrate again this weekend when my other brother and his family come to visit.
Proverbs 31:28-Her children rise up and bless her!

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