Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colby's Graduation

Where HAS the time gone?  I know it was just yesterday that I was dropping Colby off at Gingerbread Preschool for a fun exciting year with Miss Cindy.
4 years old and on his way to preschool.  

Last Friday, this little boy turned into a 21 year old college graduate. 
Allan and I went up to OKC  on Thursday to get ready for the graduation on Friday afternoon.  We were planning a party following the graduation ceremony, so I had tons of party prep to do.  My mother-in-law helped me tremendously with all the cooking I had to do.

Friday at noon we we met up with both kids for lunch.
 We had tried 2 other places to eat, which were absolutely packed and we were on a tight schedule, before settling at McDonald's.  And I do mean settle! 

After lunch, we went to the University for a reception for the graduates and their families. 
Colby had to get 'all tied up' before we headed to the reception.  I'm trying my best to keep my emotions in check!  Dads fixing sons ties just puts a lump in my throat!

 Such an exciting day!  When children are small, it seems like this day will be so far off in the future, but actually it comes rather quickly. Unbelievably quickly.
There he is!  He did it!  He got his empty diploma cover!  And, he's happy about it!  And, I'm about to CRY!!  Why do kids have to grow up and put their mothers through these torturous times?? 
Such a proud momma moment!  Colby is a wonderful son.  He is a very loyal friend and truly cares about people.  Most importantly, he is a faithful Christian, which means more to me than anything else he may accomplish in life.
Allan & I with both of our great kids.  They are truly a joy!

Colby and one of his best friends, Brooke.  
After the picture taking, we headed over to the church building to set up for the party.
Oreo truffles, strawberry swirl cheesecake and Colby's favorite cookie-peanut blossoms.  There are other desserts that I didn't get a picture of such as, the life-changing Paula Deen brownies!!  
More food!
One of Colby's favorite teachers/coaches and his wife came to the party.  It meant so much to all of us, not only Colby, for Coach G to be there.  He has always been such a supporter of Colby from Junior High up till now.  When Colby was in Jr. High, I went to pick him up from basketball practice and Coach G came out to the car, stuck his head in the window and asked if I had another boy at home?  One about 3rd grade age?  I told him that we didn't.  He said that he wanted a boy just like Colby for his 3rd grade daughter to marry one of these days.  What better compliment could he have given? 
Colby with Granddaddy Leon and Grammy.  The other set of grandparents were not able to come and we missed them so much!
College friends-Stefano, Jack, Brooke, and Colby

Adam & Colby-IHOP and xbox buddies
 The Bates family-special friends and former preacher
Colby & Stefano were roommates their freshman year and have stayed good friends since then.  

The Ooleys-special friends from church. 
Colby and Brooke.  She is such a doll!
 Me and Stefano-my Italian son.  I LOVE him! 
There were a couple of other friends at the party that I failed to get pictures of.  We had a great time celebrating Colby and his accomplishments and I'm so looking forward to whatever his future holds.

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