Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day & Birthdays

Hi!  I hope everyone is having a "Happy Monday" today! 
We had a pretty busy weekend but a fun one.  Colby came home Friday to celebrate Father's Day and also his birthday, a belated one.  Saturday, both of my brothers and their families came and we all went out to eat with Mom & Dad.
We celebrated Colby's 23rd birthday with a strawberry cake and  our favorite waiter brought him a plate of strawberry sopapillas. 
We all sang "Happy Birthday", led by our waiter, Manuel.
Dad opened up part of his Father's Day gifts.  Thunder Up!
After lunch, we went out to mom and dad's house for more gift giving and visiting with each other.  We missed having Ashley home with us this weekend.

We walked down to the garden and checked the blackberry bushes.  They were loaded so the berry picking began!
The little kids just love the garden.  I think they ate way more berries than they ended up taking in the house.
I think I smell a fresh blackberry cobbler in the near future!  Mom makes the BEST cobblers. 
"C" was sort of Colby's shadow for the afternoon.  He is such a big talker and talks ALL the time!
Later in the evening, we decided to go to Paris to eat supper and shop for a bit.  We ended up in Blossom to eat at Weezy's.
They have such good food and great prices!  Allan and I both had  a cheezy weezy (cheeseburger) and Colby had the fried catfish.  We came back to Paris and went to the "Man Store", Home Depot.  We got Allan's Father's Day gift, which in a way is pay back for the weedeater he got me a while back!
Sunday was a great day at church.  I'm so thankful for all the Christian fathers in our congregation. 

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