Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Viewing Venus

As most of you know from the news last week, the planet Venus crossed the sun last Tuesday.  This will not happen again for more than one hundred years.  Our preacher set up his telescopes and binoculars on our church parking lot and we were all invited to come watch the transit of Venus across the sun.  It was very interesting. 
Steve explained what was happening to the group of kids that came. 
Some brought welding shields and were able to look directly at the sun  through them.
Steve is checking the progress of Venus and making adjustments to the equipment so we could all keep track of it.
The kids would play a while and then come back to take another look.
Some of our church members just followed the shade around the parking lot!  It was a pretty hot evening to be outside.
The little black dot is Venus.  The clouds began to cover the sun and obstructed our view later and we weren't able to see the final crossing.
Even though it was a hot evening, we all stayed and just enjoyed each other's  company.
This cute little puppy came too and had fun playing with the kids.


  1. pretty cool! i heard about it but didnt check it out!!