Monday, June 25, 2012

A Night In Paris...Texas

Allan and I had a fun date night last Friday night.  We went to Paris...Texas, that is.  Paris is our go-to place for shopping, eating out and movies and such.  It really is a neat little town.  Well, it is bigger than our small hometown, but still not a big city either.
Anyway. we left to go on our date!  Our first stop was 'The Man Store"-Home Depot.
Since we are building our house, we have become 'regulars' at Home Depot.
After a very quick shopping trip in there, we went to eat next.  We didn't get our mid-week Mexican food fix this week so we chose one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, TaMolly's!
We had a great supper of chicken quesadillas and chimichangas!
After leaving there, we went to see the Eiffel Tower!  They built a small replica of the real Eiffel Tower, complete with a cowboy hat!  I had been to see it before but never had a camera with me at the time, so I really wanted to take pics of it.
It really is neat!  Just in case you think you might want to climb it, there is a strong warning against it:
So, don't EVEN think about it!  I imagine lots of mischievous kids have surely tried it.
Underneath the tower is a large outline of Texas.
 The grounds here are beautifully landscaped with gorgeous crepe myrtles.
Next to the Eiffel Tower they are building a Red River Valley War Veteran Memorial.  It was very impressive and it's not even finished yet!
On each of these stones, are the dates served, the armed forces branch served in, along with the person's name.  It is really a very nice tribute to our veterans.  We plan to go back frequently to see the progress and then the finished project.
We left here and headed downtown.  The downtown square in Paris is just beautiful.
 I had reserved  tickets to see "Leading Ladies" at the Paris Community Theatre, so that's where we headed next.
We had so much fun!!  This play was one of the funniest ones we've ever been to there.  We literally laughed from beginning to end.  The cast was great with several familiar faces from plays we've seen in the past.  We go to quite a few of their performances and always have a great time.  I have to say, though, that "Leading Ladies" was definitely one I could watch, so funny!
After the play, we made a quick Sonic run as we headed home.  It was a great Friday night date night!


  1. The Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat is too much! Made me laugh!

  2. Love it! That looks like a fun place to visit :)