Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012 Pt. 2

OK, so this is a continuation of the first Christmas post.  After our family of 4 opened up our gifts from each other, we loaded up to go to my parents' house here in town.  Mom and I had overruled the guys decided to not fix the traditional Christmas dinner.  A couple of them were none too happy but we had just had all the turkey and dressing fixins a month ago so we had lasagna instead!  It was great if I do say so myself, since I made it! 
Mom's maiden name is Beaver and she collects them.  She found this adorable one from Avon this year and he is a cutie!
 Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad with Ashley & Colby
I love my parents so much!  

Mom with her new Vintage Pearl necklace!  It is so pretty! It's called "Layered Mother of Pearl" and it is personalized with mine and my brothers' names and all of the grandkids names.  She loves it!

Mom and Dad get us all Christmas sacks with $$$ goodies in them.  You can't go wrong with our favorite candy!
Funny story about the guys sacks this year-Several days after Christmas, I get a text from Colby saying, "Those socks Mom-Mom got me for Christmas are LADIES SOCKS!"  I checked Allan's pair of socks and they were ladies socks too!
There is small print on the label, there it is...Ladies Socks!  All of the guys got these same socks!  What is so bad is that I helped her pick them out!! haha  Needless to say, I've been enjoying Allan's new Christmas socks and I guess the other wives and Ashley are enjoying them too!
Ashley & Dad having a good laugh about 'something'! haha  This is my favorite picture during the holidays.
Mom got this adorable apron from E & C!  They made reindeer from their handprints and it's just the cutest thing! Mom will love wearing it!

All the grands!
C didn't feel good that day but he really loved sitting with me at the computer making Jib Jab videos with all the family members heads.  So, funny!

The kids decided to go on back to OKC a day early since a blizzard was supposedly in the forecast for OKC.  I HATED to see them go and yes, there was a tearful good-by.   It was the smart thing to do but still hard on this momma for them to go.  So, they left and on Christmas Day, guess who got the snow?  We did!  They barely got anything in the OKC area.
Allan and I went out to the new house and it was a gorgeous site!  

Christmas Pt. 3 will be coming soon!

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  1. Oh, thanks so much for stopping by. It always fun to meet another blogging buddy. Looks like a fun Christmas was had by all. Blessings for this new year.