Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012 Pt. 3

The week after New Year's we finally were able to go to OKC for a quick Christmas visit with Allan's parents and of course, our kids.   We were making this a really fast trip and I believe we were not even there for 24 hours!  I hate trips like this but we really had no choice this time.
Colby was sick and thinking he was coming down with the flu, we didn't know if we would see him or not.  He went straight from work to an after hours clinic and waited and waited and waited.  While he was waiting, we went ahead and opened presents with the folks and Ashley.

Pam & Leon's dog, Sadie, is one rather spoiled dog.  I mean REALLY, REALLY spoiled.  As we began to bring the gifts in, she goes crazy and starts begging for each one.  She does this every time there is any kind of gift giving going on.
She sits up and whines and whines.  If given the opportunity, she takes the tissue paper out of the sack, sticks her head in and checks out what's inside.
Pam got a Wal-Mart sack and put one of Sadie's toys in it, hoping for that to satisfy her.  It worked for about as long as it took her to pull the toy out and then she was back to begging for our sacks.
She is such a girly-girl and loves presents!  Ashley too!  We really got tickled at her persistence.  She just ran from person to person to see what was in the gift bags!
I got a new purse!  My mother-in-law is my purse buyer.  She has great taste and I don't have to give her any clue as to what I want or need.  Just that I need a purse!  Oh, and I got money too!  A purse needs money in it, right??
Me and my girl!  I was glad she was able to be off work for the afternoon and then the next morning too.
Allan was super excited to get this meat grinder!  He will surely make good use out of that.
We gave Pam a new Vintage Pearl necklace.  It's great having a daughter that manages such a neat jewelry store!
Allan's parents and his 'sister', Sadie.  She is such a mess!

We kept checking in with Colby as he was STILL sitting at the clinic, hoping he's not gathering up more germs that he took in with him.  We had plans to go to supper at Olive Garden with Allan's brother and his family, so we headed there.
I LOVE Olive Garden and since we don't have one anywhere close to home, we usually end up there when we make a trip to OKC.  I didn't take any pics of our get-together with the rest of the family, but I did get a pic of this deliciousness-
Dr. Pepper cake!  Pam brought it to the restaurant and we devoured it!  I had eaten some years ago and had completely forgotten that there was such a thing!  Imagine that!  It was so good!  I'll definitely be making it soon.

About the time we finished supper, Colby finally got out of the clinic and NO FLU!  NO STREP! NO BRONCHITIS!  I decided since the verdict was a no on the flu diagnosis that I was going to take my chance and go see him.  Ashley and I went to buy them some groceries while Colby was waiting on his prescription to be filled.  We got back to their apartment just about the same time.
He didn't want to pose for a pic, but he knows the sooner he cooperates, the sooner we'll be done.  I didn't stay there long since he was feeling so bad and needed to go to bed.   Ashley had already decided that she was not going to stay at their apartment that night but with us instead, so we headed back out to the in-laws house.  We spent the evening visiting and Ashley and I took a lot of silly pics.  I will post those later if I can get an OK from her! haha  That may or may not happen!

Colby was feeling better the next day and went on to work.  We met up with him for lunch and I was glad to get to hug on him one more time before we left.  After lunch, we walked down to Ashley's store and visited a while before it was time for us to leave to go home.
We had a good visit, even though it was a pretty short one!

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  1. I loooooove The Vintage Pearl. I have several pieces from there. . . including one necklace that I wear almost every day!