Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

I hope y'all had a good Easter weekend.  Neither of the kids were able to come home this weekend.  I miss the old days of dying eggs and all the family traditions we did with them as children.  I was SO glad that Jimmy and his family came down Saturday and we got to dye eggs together!  Theresa brought eggs and we tried the shaving cream/food coloring idea to color the eggs this year.
This idea is all over Pinterest and the eggs look so beautiful.
Theresa spread a layer of shaving cream on the cookie sheet, dropped dots of food coloring and then swirled it with a toothpick.  It looked beautiful!
This was pretty messy but still a lot of fun.  I think Jimmy, Theresa and I had more fun than the boys did though...haha  "C" had done this same project at school last week so it was kind of old news to him.  "E" stayed with us a little longer and had a good time.
The eggs didn't turn out quite like the Pinterest ones did, but they were still pretty.  I'm not sure what we did wrong since they didn't come out as marbled as we hoped.  Still fun though!
Saturday evening I gathered all the goodies to make treat bags for my Bible School class. 
I had several extra pairs of 'hands' that would not stay out of things.  Abby batted eggs all over the living room floor!
Hershey preferred the bunny pins with the feathers on them.  He kept gathering them up all around him.
All finished!  They look so pretty and I knew the kids would be excited. 
Sunday morning was a very rainy day.  I was worried that our attendance at church would be down and that there would be no children in class.  You never know on holidays.  It seems I either have extra kids that are in town visiting relatives or I don't have any because my kids are out of town doing the visiting.  Well, these three little ladies did show up!
Our story was about the sinful woman coming to wash Jesus' feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.  "B" told me that Jesus looked like "Jasmine's boy".  She always makes me laugh!
During the last few minutes of class, we made a bunny craft to take home.  I love crafts that use kids handprints!
Cute little bunnies hiding in the grass!
Of course, I had to make one too!

One of my favorite teens at church!  She was willing to put the ears on for a picture in exchange for a treat bag!  I LOVE her!
The sun was out by the time we got home from church.  So, Sandy posed for a few pics.  You can see how happy she is to be wearing bunny ears!
Happy Easter!

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