Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's been a while since I linked up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" so I decided to participate today with several things I'm loving.

I'm LOVING that we have a new restaurant in town-Roma's Italian Restaurant!
They have been open nearly three weeks and I think we've been there 5 times so far!  A little much?  I don't think so!
The owners completely transformed the building into a nice, elegant restaurant and it is gorgeous!  The food, service, & atmosphere is just wonderful and I'm so happy that our town is supporting them so much. Happy! Happy! Happy!

I'm LOVING that we finally changed this kitty's name to something that fits our family better than the name he had.
He came to us with the name of "Ken" but it was so hard to call him that since we have several family members with that name.  He didn't respond to "Ken" either when I called him that.  So, Allan got on a cat name site and went through names for orange cats and we chose.........CHEETO!  That fits us perfectly since two of our other cats have food names!  Anyway, now I'm having trouble trying to switch from calling him "Ken" to "Cheeto".

I'm LOVING that my rose bush is blooming!  This pretty bloom was the first one to come out earlier this week  I was so afraid of the chance of frost to damage the rose bush last night but it thankfully didn't get that cold.
 I'm LOVING  that we're getting closer to finishing our new home.  It has been a long, hard job of building since we've done so much ourselves.
I'm LOVING that we (Ladies Bible Class) celebrated the move to a new house with one of our sweet ladies today.  We took her out to eat and gave her a beautiful flower arrangement as a gift.
Lastly, I'm LOVING this little guy and he's not even ours! "Precious" is just that...precious.  Sunday morning, we opened the door to leave for church and there he sat on top of our car.  It looks like he's just laughing at us because he knows we don't like him up there!  Too, too cute!

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