Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recent Randoms

Well, it's another rainy/stormy day here in Oklahoma!  I was hoping for sunshine but no such luck today.
Today's post is just randomness that took place over the weekend and early in the week here.

The BOYS were in town!  Well, someone representing the Cowboys organization was in town.  I went stalking around but never found out WHO was on the bus.  I do know they were in town for a fishing tournament that we have each year.
Saturday, we spent part of the day working at the new house doing some clean up work before we get ready to paint.  We took a little 4-wheeler break to rest a bit.
I found this perfect log that I need for an outdoor table!  It already has legs built right in so it's perfect, dontcha think?  I don't think Allan was excited as I was about finding this since HE'LL be the one to figure out how to get it up near the house.
After we finished up at the house, we went to Mom and Dad's.  They had some tree damage from storms earlier in the week so Allan took his trusty chain saw and did a bit of clean up work for them.
I've said many times about how pretty Mom's flowers are and they are just gorgeous! is my Mom!
We have new neighbors!  Down the road a bit from our new house we discovered these llamas have moved in!  They are so friendly!  I pulled over to take pictures and they just posed for me!
Sunday was our Senior Sunday Luncheon to honor our one graduating high school senior.  We enjoyed a great meal and a wonderful time celebrating Tanner and his accomplishments.  He's a great kid!
Monday evening, we enjoyed a visit with old former neighbors of ours.  Alpha and Clancy lived next door to us 20+ years ago when our children were babies and preschoolers.  They are just wonderful people and it was so good to see them.  They now live in Seattle so they're far away to get to visit very often.
Oreo just cracks me up constantly!  He is so shy and hates to have a camera pointed at him.  I don't know why but he just hides when he sees me pointing something at him!  I have to work fast to get pics of him.  The pic on the left is before he realized what I was doing and the one on the right is afterwards.  He REALLY thinks I can't see him!
Finally, please continue to pray and keep OKLAHOMA in your thoughts.  There is still so much to be done to repair and rebuild lives.

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