Monday, February 10, 2014

Safety First

Last week, Allan's work held their yearly Safety Banquet at our Vo-Tech School.  The weather was pretty yucky so the crowd was much slimmer than in years past.  We had a great meal that was catered by "Hole In The Wall" from Paris.  The food was wonderful, especially the bread pudding!  So, so delish!
Allan FINALLY received his 15 year award!  He had a lost time accident 15 years ago that fouled up the perfect record he was striving for. 
I'm still proud that he hasn't had any accidents since then!  He received a nice jacket along with a certificate and and cash award.  I'm pretty sure the cash is mine!
He also won a nice cooler on wheels in the door prize drawing!  I'm really glad that Allan works for a company that stresses safety as much as they do.  I'm also glad that the employees are rewarded for their efforts to follow safety procedures and work together to make sure each one goes home safely at the end of the work day.

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