Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day last week.  I sure did!  Allan came home early from work and surprised me with this-
Flowers, itunes card, and CHOCOLATE!!!!  I just love Ghirardelli chocolates!  Everytime they come out with a new flavor combination, I say, "That's my favorite!".  Truth is, they're all my favorite! 
Abby thought Allan brought the roses for her!
She just kept reaching out to grab one and then stuck her little nose right in to sniff!  So cute!
Before I knew it, here comes Oreo to check out my loot.
Then, here comes Abby again.
Then, they both start chewing on the greenery in my roses!  With all of the smacking that was going on, you would think they were eating something much better than this green stuff!
We laughed and laughed at them and I got some hilarious videos of them chewing frantically on that greenery.  I've had to hide my flowers in another room if I'm not home because they absolutely will not leave them alone!
Anyway, after watching the cats' antics for a while, we left to go out for supper in Paris.  I had narrowed the choices down to two places and let Allan choose which one.  He picked Magel's.  Magel's has the BEST bread so I was happy!
We each had a great meal and had a good visit with a work friend of Allan's that happened to be sitting at the next table.  The waitress tempted us with some cheesecake but we were so stuffed that we turned her down.  I can't believe I did that!  By the time we got back to town, our supper had settled enough that we had room for ice cream! So, we stopped at Braum's before heading on home.
I'm so thankful to have Allan as my Valentine every day of the year!

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