Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Recap 1-June

I'm trying to do a bit of bloggy catch up this week.  We've had a pretty busy summer around here.  This is what was going on in June:
Colby's birthday was in early June and we celebrated a week early with him.
We met up with the kids at our usual halfway place after church on Sunday.  I always make the strawberry cake that he's requested for years.  We had a great time even if it was just for a short time.  I'm so proud of the man Colby has grown up to be.  Wow...that's so weird calling him a man! He'll always be my boy!  It was so funny that one of the waitresses here at Chair Crushers...yes, that's the name of this joint...remembered us.  The last time we were there was in February for Ashley's birthday and I had taken her special brownie chocolate chip cheesecake that we shared with the waitress.  She happened to walk by us, stopped and pointed, and said,  "Chocolate cheesecake!"  Cracked us up.  So, of course we sent a few pieces of Colby's cake to the back for them to share.

Next was our annual Homecoming and Rodeo.  I just love a parade so I'm always there on the church steps to watch with other church members.  This time one of my little church friends didn't have a family member to bring her, so she came with me.  She said we were Parade Partners! Too cute!  My favorite little boy was there too.  I so love these kids!
There were lots to see in the parade...Rodeo clowns, old cars, politicians, law enforcement, and of course, Rodeo Royalty and the American flag.
There's always horse drawn buggies, mule drawn wagons and church friends on horses.   There's lots of horses but these just happen to be our church friends!
And...of course what most of the children come to parades for nowadays-CANDY!  It's so funny to see young AND old both coming to parades with Wal-Mart sacks to gather up candy.  Sometimes the kids are dodging floats and horses in order to get a tootsie roll or a dum-dum sucker!
Father's Day was the next event in the month.  We made a cute craft in Bible Class for the kids' daddies so I made one for my Daddy too!  We ate at our usual Sunday restaurant.  Colby was on his way back from a wedding in Florida so he made a quick stop to visit with us and wish Allan a Happy Father's Day.
Vacation Bible School was next.  Our theme this year was "A Blue Ribbon Life" with a county fair type decor.  Our teachers outdid themselves with all of the effort put in the class decorations.  I didn't teach this year since I'm needed in the office, but I did play a part in the puppet skits each day.  That's always so much fun!
Kids love cookies and punch from the snack ladies!  Our church ladies are always so generous with the amount of cookies they make for VBS.  We always have way more than we need which means that some of the extras always end up in my office.  Funny how that always happens!
Toward the end of the month, we went to the community theater play in Paris.  This play was "Little Miss Firecracker".  I have to say that this was our least favorite out of all the ones we've gone to.  It was just the story line wasn't good or else we missed something key to the story at the beginning.  The actors did a great job but the story was just blah.  We do look forward to the next season which begins soon.  
Well, as you can see, June was a pretty busy month.  We're still working on our new house and by we, I mean Allan, as I haven't been too much help in a while.  He's working hard and it's slowly coming along!

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  1. Summer is such a busy but wonderful time! Glad to see an update from you :-).