Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Church Christmas Party

We had our annual church Christmas Party last Friday night.  We always have such a great time and this year was no different.
The church supplies the BBQ and the members bring all the side dishes and desserts.  We ended up with a ton of food with enough left over for a fellowship on Sunday night after church too!
Mom and I spent Friday morning doing the decorating.  Then I went home and made Pioneer Woman's skillet chocolate chip cookie as my contribution to the meal.  
We always take family and group pictures of everyone at some point during the evening.  This year we missed getting quite a few of them though.
After the meal, we have entertainment.  Several of the men told jokes and little funny stories that had everyone laughing.  
One of our ladies, aka Minnie Pearl, was the funniest thing!  She told all of the church 'gossip'...some might have been true and some not so much!  Anyway, she is just the cutest little lady.  Allan and a group sang several songs and they were very good!  They sang a barbershop style "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", and then ended with "Mary Lou".  It was great!  We had a first in the entertainment department this year-a baton twirling presentation!  She was really good and next year, I think she'll be bringing fire batons to add to the program...not really but it was suggested to her!  
After all of the other festivities and gift presentations, we took a lot of fun pictures with props I'd collected.  So. Much. Fun!
I'm glad so many joined in the silliness!  I don't think anyone can accuse us of being stuffy church folks!
Overall, it was just a fun evening with lots of good food, fellowship and of course, fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun group and very similar to ours. So therefore, I just don't understand why people get the idea of stuffy church folks. Well, I guess there may be some out there, but most all the ones I know are the best!

    I've been wanting to make that skillet cookie.