Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

We had a busy, busy weekend but it was so much fun! I just love our little town's Christmas parade each year.  It's one of my favorite things.  We watch the parade (well, all parades) on our church lawn/steps with friends and church members.  I love that we do this, too!  This year, we had more church members than usual to show up to enjoy the parade.  The day was BEAUTIFUL for a parade!
The Choctaw Nation Honor Guard always leads most parades.  The high school band and color guard performed along the parade route.  There's always horses and buggies decorated up for Christmas.
And, horses and more horses.
Some old cars and some REALLY old cars!
A snowman and the high school  cheerleaders also showed up.
All of the area fire department trucks joined in the parade.
This is my FAVORITE thing of all! Since we are a circus town, Santa always rides in on an elephant!  This never, ever gets old for me.  I just love, love, love  it!
Saturday evening, we went to a Christmas Party/Ornament Exchange with our Bible Class and the youth from church.
We had a great time with some great people!  I didn't get pics of everyone because I got caught up in the Dirty Santa game and boy, did it get dirty there for a while!
Allan and I both ended up with some cute ornaments!  Allan had to 'steal' the snowman for me since I love snowmen so much.
We had a really fun time!  There was so much food that we were all just stuffed.  I'm so glad we have this group of friends that enjoy being together so much outside of church.  We also spent Sunday lunch and supper with most of these people!  Good times for sure!

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