Thursday, April 28, 2011

Partyin', Partyin', Yeah!

We had a pretty busy weekend with several birthday parties to attend.
First, on Friday night after Allan got home from work, we went out to eat at Ash Creek here in town.
This little restaurant is locally owned by a girl that I've known for 30 years or so.  Allan and I split an order of grilled chicken tenders and they were delicious!

We came back home after supper.  I was really excited to watch "Girls Night Out"!
The entire show was GREAT...BUT the absolute highlight of the evening was Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill's "How Great Thou Art".  It was beautiful beyond words!  I was fighting back tears through just about the whole song.  I thought I was going to be OK....for a second.  I got up to get a kleenex to dab at the wet corners of my eyes and I just let the floodgates GO!  I came out of the bathroom and fell into Allan's arms.  He said, "What IS wrong?" I just blubbered, "That so beautiful!"  He said, "That's nothing to cry about."  I said, "Yes, it is!"  haha Anyway, it was just about the prettiest thing I've ever heard.

Saturday afternoon we went to celebrate my niece's birthday!
Here she is blowing out the candles on her cake.
She liked her presents!  That Barbie is gorgeous!  She told us that after we had cake and she opened presents that we could all leave!  You never know what she is going to say!

Me and Allan with the birthday girl.  I can't believe she's 6 already!

We hurried home to get ready to go to ANOTHER birthday party for a friend from church.  A surprise party!

This party was held at Fish Tales.  They have really good food...especially the CHOCOLATE COBBLER!  That is my main reason for going.  When we got there, I checked out the desserts and there were just a few servings left of the cobbler.  I was VERY  tempted to go ahead and fix me a bowl of it then.  But, I thought it would be rude to get dessert before the birthday party even got under way.  The BG (birthday girl) and her family finally got there...and yes she was very surprised. We all went through the buffet line to get our food.  I got to the end where the desserts are and there was NONE of the chocolate cobbler left.  I was devastated!  I hunted up the owner and asked if she was going to put out another pan of it.  She said, "No, but I did scrape a small bowl full out of the other pan.  Do you want me to save it for you?"  Well...duh...of course I did!!  After I finished off my fish, shrimp and other fixins I tracked her down again and said I was READY!  She reheated it up and brought it out to me.  DELISH!!
Of course I had to have a piece of this cake and it was very good also.
BG and I having a war with our party blowers!

After the party, we went home to check out the weather.  There were tornadoes and severe storms heading our way.
When the storms finally hit, Sandy began to take tornado precautions!  Hershey was in the tub with her, wondering, what in the world are we doing in here?  The storms have really been brutal to SE Oklahoma over the last week or so.  We did survive the night but it was a bit scary for a while!

Neither of my kids were able to come home this Easter weekend and I really missed not having them here to dye eggs and get up early to see what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets!
Sandy standing in for the Easter Bunny!

I was excited for church and my little Bible Class.  I teach the 2&3 year old class and they are just precious to me!
Sweet little "B" and Cowboy Bunny "P"
How cute is this?  Pretty cute!
And he made a pretty cute bunny too!
I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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  1. How smart are your sweet animals to go to the bathtub for storm shelter! I think they've been watching the weatherman with you!!

    Sandy looks oh so thrilled to be the Easter Bunny stand it!! :)