Monday, March 3, 2014

Movie Weekend With Friends

We had a great weekend!  First off, I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking!  Allan made sausage and cheese omelets and they were so good.  He left to go work out at the house and I may or may not have gone back to bed for a while. 
Allan came in from working and we got ready to head to Paris.  We met up with church friends at the movie to watch "Son of God"
via google images
We got there early so we could hopefully all sit together.  I'm glad we did because it was almost sold out by the time the movie started.  I knew the movie was going to be hard to watch and it surely was.  The beating of Jesus after his arrest up through his death on the cross was extremely difficult and emotional to watch.  I came prepared with kleenex and I'm glad I did.  Overall, the movie was well done and most of it was biblically correct. 
After the movie, we went to eat at TaMolly's!  We had such a great time! 
TaMolly's has the best chips and salsa!  I was full of chips way before our meal came.
While we were sitting there visiting with each other, someone looked up at the ceiling and spotted this- 
It's a bird...It's a's Superman!  I don't know how long this has been on the ceiling but I've NEVER noticed it before!  We all thought it was funny and began taking pics of him! 
We had such a great time and I'm really thankful that we're becoming a much closer group of friends!
Sunday we had church and while we were at the restaurant afterwards, another winter storm was fast approaching.  It began to rain, sleet, thunder, snow, and then more sleet!  Monday morning, I woke up to this- 
The streets were a solid sheet of ice! 
I stayed in most of the day until the roads cleared enough for me to make it to Sonic for Happy Hour! 
Hopefully after this week, we'll be moving on to some Springy weather!


  1. Glad that you made it to Sonic after all. We never did get out of the house today! Wasn't the thunder during the sleet/snow the strangest thing? My kiddos were totally freaked out by it.

    I'm debating on whether I want to see that movie or not. I think it will be SO SO hard to watch.

  2. I've heard such good remarks about "Son of God" and am sure we'll make it in the next week or two. Nothing like close Christian friends to share special times with.

    Oh, this weather! I'm bundled up like an Eskimo today. Just crazy!

    And, I do love me some Sonic and go so much that they recognize my voice at the drive thru.

    Happy week!

  3. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for visiting me! Hubby and I have talked about going to the movie, but haven't made it yet. Glad you thought it was worth your time...and money! :-) I have some good friends who live in Oklahoma City...are you close? Hope you get warm weather soon!