Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Lately in our hometown, they've been having the yearly sign-ups for summer Little League Baseball.  I always get a little sad when I hear the ads on the radio for the sign-ups.  For years,  Colby was always there to register to play ball and then we anxiously waited to see what team he would be on if it was a year he was changing teams.  
He started playing t-ball at 4 years old and turned 5 during the season.  From the beginning, he took baseball VERY seriously.  He wasn't there to just run around and play with his friends.  Baseball was serious work for him.  After we got home from games, he replayed them in the living room, telling us who did what and how plays happened.  And, he was always right...not just pretending and making stuff up.  T-ball is just the cutest thing to watch!
Coach pitch came after t-ball.  This was a little harder for the kids to get used to since the ball is actually being thrown to them and not hitting it off of a tee.
Colby continued on up through the ranks of Little League and Pony League.  During his Little League and Pony League days, Allan began to coach the team.  
I'm thankful that Allan was able to take the time to invest in coaching Colby's team.  For quite a few years, he participated in the All-Stars and we traveled to play in these games at the end of the summer.  We spent MANY days in the heat to watch the boys play.  
I'm amazed and saddened that so many parents don't take the time to watch their sons play ball, but instead, drop them off at the ballfield for games and leave it up to someone else to cheer them on and see that they get home safely afterwards.  
Baseball teaches kids so many good skills for life-such as teamwork, self-control, and how to get along with others.  There is so much to be gained and it's not just ball playing skills, even though they're learning that too. The first year he was too old to play summer ball, we were on our way to Paris and we passed by the Chamber office where the sign-ups were being held.  I don't know about him, but I got a little misty-eyed since we wouldn't be stopping there to sign-up.  Sad day that was! 
Colby was also able to play baseball for our high school.  Sometimes it was several nights a week but we were always there to cheer him on.  
I loved watching him play and also enjoyed having fun in the stands with the other moms.  
He will always be my MVP!

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  1. Love this! I know always having you at the games meant do much to him!