Friday, March 11, 2016

Show Us Your Life-Introduction

Hi, I'm linking up with Kelly today for her "Show Us Your Life" series that she sponsors.  Kelly's blog, along with The Pioneer Woman, is one of the first blogs I followed.  So, today's topic is sort of an introduction in order to meet new people.
Here we go!  I'm Cheryl and I live in Southeast Oklahoma. 
 I love my home state of Oklahoma and have lived here almost my whole life. I live in a small town and wouldn't trade it for anything.  There's just nothing like the coziness of small town life for me!

I am married to my wonderful hubby of 33 years.  We met at a Christian college in the big city and I was able to convince him to come back to my small town for us to begin our life together.   We have two grown children that we're so proud of!  I admit that I really don't like being empty-nesters since our kids are grown and out of the house, but I'm trying to adjust!
I'm very involved in my church where I am employed as the secretary and I also work in our Sunday school program.  I've taught pre-schoolers for the last 30+ years and I absolutely love it!  After being asked a rather deep, but hilarious, question a few years ago, my daughter told me I need to have a blog dedicated to the funny stories that happen in Bible Class.  So, check out my other blog, Does God Shave!
We live in a house where we are outnumbered by CATS!  We had never, never been cat people until about 10 years ago when our first cat adopted us.  Well, now there are many more that have chosen us to be their 'people'.  They provide so much entertainment and are just so much fun!  We absolutely love them...all of them! 
A couple of other things that are my favorites are...Dr. Pepper and chocolate!  I have to have them...both of them...every day! I blame my Dr. Pepper addiction on one of my grandmothers.  I say I inherited the DP gene from her!  Also, Sonic has made it so enticing since they have $.99 drinks in the morning and Happy Hour in the afternoons!
 I hope this gets me jump-started to blogging a bit more than I have lately!  Come check back to see what's going on here at Chery's Shenanigans!  

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