Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge #259

Welcome to this week's Hodgepodge!  
1. What do you think about luck?  I really don't believe in just pure luck.  I do say "good luck" to people when I'm hoping  for good things to come their way but I really think God's blessings come upon us moreso than it being luck. 
2. Not counting your own backyard, what's a favorite green space in your town, city, or state?  Well, with all of the rain we've had here in SE Oklahoma, my yard IS very green but green with weeds! And, not very pretty at the moment.  My mom's yard is always pretty with lots of different flowers, bushes, and trees.  I blogged yesterday about blooms in her yard right now!  I have to say the pond scene out at our property was gorgeous on Saturday!
 3. How do you make your life more complex than it needs to be? I have a TERRIBLE time saying 'no'.  I always have and I imagine I always will.  If someone asks me to do something, I rarely, rarely say no. My hubby has always told me to stand in front of the mirror and practice saying no to get in the habit of being able to turn people down at times.
4. I read here the three places you should visit with friends. They are-New York City, Hawaii, and Amsterdam (rent a bike, walk along the canal, visit one of their world class museums). I felt the need to expound on that one. Moving on...Of the three places listed which would you most like to visit with friends? What's one place not on the list you think should be visited with friends?  I think New York City would be a great place to go with friends!  There's just SO much to see and do that I imagine there's things that would appeal to everyone. 
5. What's the last live performance you saw? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being best) how would you rate it? Last July, I went with some church friends to the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival's play of "Shrek The Musical".  It was great! A 10 for sure!  I love musicals anyway, but the talent in this was just amazing.  One of our church girls did all the scenery backdrops and they were gorgeous.  It was just a great night overall!
  6. March 14th is National Potato Chip Day. Are you a fan? Your favorite flavor? Besides potato, what's your favorite chip type of snack?  I love potato chips!  BBQ, sour cream and onion, doesn't matter!  I also love corn tortilla chips...with salsa!
7.What rule is most important in your home?  When our kids were home, we had a lot of rules.  The kids probably thought there were too many...haha  Right now, I really can't think of any kind of rule we have just for Allan and I. 
8.  Insert your own random thought here.  We are still working on our log home.  I'm thankful for my hubby that is able to do so many jobs concerning the house.  Last weekend, he began laying tile in one of the upstairs bathrooms.  It's looking really good!
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Cheryl...happy you joined us today for Hodgepodge! How fun to be working on a log home...that's my dream! My hubs and I would love to have one in the mountains of TN or NC one day. I'm your newest follower...enjoy your day!

  2. I agree with you on #1! That is a lovely pond view. I think I like all kinds of potato chips too. I forgot about one of my favorite ways to eat plain ones...with ketchup. Have a great rest of the week :)

  3. I like the pond photo. Lovely. And our back yard is very green with weeds too. We have sodded our back yard twice, but the weeds always take over. Our back yard backs up to lake property and we have no control over the weeds no matter what we do. So now we just mow them down.

  4. When I was young, my mother always told us to marry men that are "handy" because my Dad couldn't screw in a light back. I hit the jackpot - my Mr. is handy and cooks. My sister married a man like my Dad. Your pond is gorgeous. Great getting to know you through Hodgepodge.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog today, Cheryl. I love returning visits. I saw where we immediately have weeds in the yard in common. With all the rain we have had in north Louisiana lately, the weeds are by far out growing the new grass even though we treated the lawn a month ago. Alas! How exciting to be building a log home. I can't wait to watch the progress. Hope to see you back on the Hodgepodge next week.

  6. Thank you for your kind words and condolences .

  7. Such a pretty pond picture. It's nice to have a handy husband : )

  8. I love your pond photo!! Beautiful!
    I love log homes. :-) My best friend lives in a log home in Southwest Wisconsin.