Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is definitely here in SE Oklahoma!  We had such a mild winter that signs of Spring started really early.  The daffodils first poked their heads out back in mid-February!  We've already had near 80 degree weather and had to turn on the air conditioner. 
I went out to my Mom's yesterday to visit and take some  pictures of her blooming plants.  Her forsythia was just beautiful!

One of my sisters-in-law and niece were there too.  And Buffy!  Mom takes a lot of pride in her yard and works really hard at getting it just so.  She's got such a green thumb, which I did NOT inherit.
She has had several peach trees over the years but lost one a year or so ago and really thought this one was dead too.  She just happened to look out a few days ago and there it was in full bloom!

Peach blossoms are so pretty!  I can't wait to see this tree just full of ripe peaches later on in the season.  We'll have to keep a close eye and pick them before the varmints get them all like last year.  I need a good ole peach cobbler! 
"K" had a good time running around and ended up in a tree!  I remember those days myself!
"K" had braided her hair and her mom's and couldn't wait to get a hold of me, too!  Someone mentioned that I looked like Pocahontas so she ran to their car where she just happened to have some feathers for me to wear.  So, I did! 
What does Spring look  like in your part of the world?

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