Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrations and Weekend Stuff

We have had a busy few days with a couple of celebrations of various happening in our friends' lives.  Last Thursday night, we went to Chili's in Paris to celebrate a friend and co-worker of Allan's 30 year employment with their company.  What an accomplishment in this day and age!   We had a  group of about 15 people there to honor and celebrate Willy's 30 years.  There were lots of laughs also! 

Friday night, we headed to Paris again for our preacher's birthday party at Magel's, one of my favorite places to eat because of their amazing hot rolls!  Again, there were lots of laughs and great fellowship with our Christian family.
Me and Allan!  We are so blessed to have a group of Christian friends that truly enjoy each other socially.  This group is always going places and doing good things for others.
The birthday boy-Steve!  He had his own personal cake!  One of our sweet ladies made this for him and made cupcakes for the rest of us.

This crazy broom trick has me totally fascinated!

I don't really understand how it works but it just amazes me!  I had fun all weekend with standing the brooms up around the house! We had one that stayed up for 3 hours before we ended up taking it down ourselves.  On my trip to Wal-Mart, I was SOOOOOOO tempted to stand up brooms along the broom aisle!  I really, really thought about it!

Sunday was our usual Bible class and worship.  I just love teaching my little class.
Little B was the only one there this week but we had a good class anyway.  I was telling her the story of Timothy and how his mother and grandmother had taught him about God and Jesus and that when he grew up he wanted to be a preacher.  She had been staring at me intently so I thought she was really into this story.  I paused to take a breath and she all in one word said, "Tangledismyfavoritemovie".  Now, I know what was REALLY on her mind.  I got her back on track and asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and her first answer was that she didn't want to grow up.  Later she changed her mind and said she would like to be a horse.  We laughed about that and FINALLY she said  , "I just want to be a lady."  I think she'll make it!
After morning worship we went to our usual Molina's with mom and dad and had a great lunch.  Nap time could not come quick enough for me so that's where I headed next.  We went back to church again and then to Braum's with church friends afterwards.
Lee Ann and I are waiting on our food!  Our church has a great number that go to Braum's every Sunday night and Wednesday night after services. We don't typically go on Wednesday nights but always go on Sundays.  We always have a great time together and it's just a good start to our week.
Have a good week!

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